Adam Schiff leads cult-like Democrats to their own mass suicide, following in the footsteps of Marshall Applewhite, founder of California’s Heaven’s Gate cult

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Image: Adam Schiff leads cult-like Democrats to their own mass suicide, following in the footsteps of Marshall Applewhite, founder of California’s Heaven’s Gate cult

(Natural News) As Democrats tie political nooses around their own necks in a stunning display of coordinated mass political suicide, we are reminded that California is home to all sorts of cults and cult leaders who repeatedly manage to convince large numbers of people to do insanely self-destructive things.

The effort to impeach Trump, led largely by California Democrat Adam Schiff, rests entirely on the charge of a thought crime, where Trump is accused of thinking certain things as he took actions to root out corruption and malfeasance in Ukraine. The Democrats have attributed to Trump the most malicious thought crimes they could imagine, and there’s quite a rich kaleidoscope of horrors in the minds of these Dems, considering how many of them are child-raping perverts, drug users and sexual deviants in one way or another.

Schiff isn’t the first California lunatic to lead a group of people to their own destruction, of course. In 1997, the Heaven’s Gate cult, headed by an influential sociopath named Marshall Applewhite, led his 38 loyal followers to commit mass suicide by eating applesauce laced with phenobarbital.

The lunatic cult leader looks shockingly similar to Adam Schiff, the crazed, wild-eyed conspiracy engineer who led the Democrats’ fake “investigation” into Trump:

What Schiff and Applewhite have in common is that they are both leading their followers to commit mass suicide. In Schiff’s case, his “followers” are Democrat House members who are figuratively tying nooses around their own necks as they vote for impeachment, forever cementing their names as co-conspirators in a staged, treasonous political coup attempt against the United States of America.


Applewhite’s followers died from phenobarbital while believing they would be teleported to a “mother ship” that would save their souls. We don’t yet know how Schiff’s lawmakers will die, but they no doubt believe that are about to be elevated to heroic status as “saviors” of America, even as they plunge swords into their own political futures and bleed out every last drop of credibility they squandered.

Key to the power of a cult leader is denying its members access to any outside information that might contradict the false beliefs of the cult itself. That’s why Adam Schiff would not allow Republicans to call witnesses during his secret basement “trials” in which so-called “witnesses” actually had not witnessed anything at all. The entire fiasco was very much like a “cult confession” phenomena where cult members “testify” their faith in the cult leader and his twisted beliefs.

That’s also why the left-wing media will never cover cross examinations carried out by Republicans, and it’s why the tech giants have systematically censored nearly all conservative voices. The only way to keep the left-wing cult deeply saturated with the “faith” of Leftism is to block out all contradictory information. Censorship, lies and media propaganda are all necessary components of this insidious cult, and it doesn’t hurt to have abused either recreational drugs or trafficked children in the past, either — both proclivities of power-hungry Democrats.

As in all cults, the Democrat cult members are repeatedly promised unrealistic rewards if they maintain their faith. In the case of Schiff and the cult of the DNC, members are promised political power if they simply toe the line and remove Trump from power. Once achieved, Democrats will finally be able to achieve their rightful positions of power as the alien mothership returns from the comet on the dark side of the moon during a lunar eclipse… or something.

In reality, Democrats are all about to plunge head-first into the bungee pit of politics, where sharp sticks protrude from the darkness, ready to pierce the fleshy bodies of those foolish enough to fling themselves into the abyss, chasing illusory pots of gold and other shiny projections.

You are watching one of the most embarrassing chapters of U.S. history unfold right before your very eyes, and the butt jokes of this fiasco think they are the stars!

Informed Americans aren’t sure whether they should watch all this in horror or laughter. Yes, we are horrified by the realization that an entire group of elected officials could be so stupid (and so full of hatred in their hearts) that they would fall for the insane antics of Adam Schiff, a twisted individual who is clearly in need of a 72-hour psychiatric hold. Yet we are endlessly amused at watching them add their names to an event that history will soon record as the most dishonest, treasonous and downright stupid impeachment effort in the history of this republic.

The names of the Democrats who vote for this impeachment should be carved into a stone edifice called, “The Wall of Stupid.” Americans should never forget how an entire political party lost its collective mind and defaulted to a cult-like mentality to try to gain power by overthrowing Democracy itself.

Perhaps we will all get lucky and wake up tomorrow to discover they all ate applesauce laced with phenobarbital… because someone told them that’s what the polls are demanding they do.

Where’s Applewhite when you really need him?

I can’t wait to see how many of these lunatics fling themselves off tall buildings after they lose re-election in 2020… or how many end up arrested, incarcerated or “missing” if an actual civil war results from all this.

For their next trick, Democrats will “play dead” in Congress, achieving absolutely nothing in terms of practical legislation, while squandered millions of dollars in taxpayer funds holding more hearings to investigate what is essentially voices in their own twisted minds. The Democrat party has truly become the party of schizophrenia.

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