Breakthrough “Biostructured Silver” First Aid Gel created by the Health Ranger – now available

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Image: Breakthrough “Biostructured Silver” First Aid Gel created by the Health Ranger – now available

(Natural News) After months of research and formulation work, we are now introducing a new “Biostructured Silver” First Aid Gel that combines three types of silver and seven botanicals. See the full shopping cart description here.

Highlights of the breakthrough new product:

•    Contains 3 types of silver: Ionic silver, Colloidal silver, Biostructured(TM) Silver
•    50ppm or greater silver concentration, verified by ICP-MS (mass spec)
•    Slow, direct current silver generation process ensures extremely small particle size and high dispersion (read full details below)
•    Added protection from 7 essentials oils + aloe vera (see list below)
•    100% deionized rain water, a renewable resource (Texas rain water)
•    70% of electricity used during manufacturing is from solar

This new Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel is available in quantities of one, three or six.

Three types of silver: Ionic, colloidal and biostructured

From the product description page:

What form of silver is the most effective at protecting the skin against external threats that might exploit wounds like scratches, minor burns or bug bites?

It turns out the most effective protection comes from not just one form of silver, but three. That’s why our new breakthrough First Aid Biostructured Silver Gel formulation combines three types of silver into a triple-action defensive barrier to protect your skin and help you heal faster:

  • Ionic silver – Very tiny charged silver particles that easily attach to and disrupt the cell membranes of certain types of pathogenic threats.
  • Colloidal silver – Larger clusters of silver particles that have no ionic charge and are suspended in a liquid medium such as water.
  • Biostructured silver – Ionic silver which has been combined with molecules from herbal extracts to create biostructured nanoparticles which have unique modes of action in biological environments.


When these three types of silver are combined, the synergistic effectiveness is far more diverse and powerful than any single type of silver acting alone.

Seven botanicals + aloe vera

Beyond the three types of silver listed above, we also add a specially formulated blend of 7 functional essential oils which are widely known for their natural medicinal properties:

•    Thymol (from thyme herb)
•    Rosemary essential oil
•    Peppermint essential oil
•    Lemon essential oil
•    Cinnamon essential oil
•    Lavender essential oil
•    Oregano essential oil
… plus aloe vera gel

This unique blend of 7 functional herbs plus aloe vera was formulated through extensive testing to maximize skin defense mechanisms without irritating sensitive skin. You may notice a very slight redness on the skin when you use this gel, which stems from these botanical ingredients immediately increasing circulation to the affected area to support and enhance the natural healing process.

FIVE methods of protection

Our silver gel works in three ways to defend your skin and enhance healing support:

#1) DEFENDS your skin against external threats by creating a physical barrier between your wound and the air.

#2) PROTECTS you from those threats by presenting elemental silver ions to any external infection pathway, creating an elemental barrier that stops most threats.

#3) ENHANCES your defensive mechanisms with a special combination of 7 functional herbal extracts, chosen for their molecular mechanisms.

#4) BOOSTS natural circulation to the affected area to speed your body’s natural healing process.

#5) SEALS your skin with a thin layer of polysaccharide gums that help maintain a physical barrier between your wound and the outside air. (Note: This gel is water soluble, not waterproof.)

These five methods work synergistically to provide the greatest protection possible, far better than a typical low-cost bandage that usually contains nothing but a cotton pad backed by tape.

SAFETY NOTE: Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel is NOT a blood stop treatment. If you are bleeding profusely, seek immediate medical attention. If you are sufficiently trained in the safe use of a tourniquet, and if the bleeding is from an extremity that can be safely treated with a tourniquet, apply a tourniquet to stop blood loss and seek medical attention while marking the time at which the tourniquet was applied, using permanent marker on the tourniquet itself, if possible. Our First Aid Gel is for minor scratches, wounds, insect bites, minor burns or similar applications where blood loss is not an acute emergency. This First Aid Gel does NOT stop bleeding.

How the botanicals work to support your skin defenses and natural healing

The formulation of functional herbs in our Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel consists of the 7 most effective herbs for this application. We test over 20 different herbal extracts and essential oils to found that these 7 work the best.

Interestingly, they’re very similar to the essential oil formulation known as “Thieves’ Oil” which was historically used to bolster personal health defenses during the era of the Black Plague.

Our formula is slightly different, optimized for first aid use and skin defense:

•    Thymol is a key extract from thyme, the functional herb you find most often used in organic or natural hand sanitizers. This plant-based molecule has extraordinary properties for protecting the skin and supporting natural healing.

•    Rosemary extracts offer unique molecules that, when exposed to free silver ions, contribute to the formation of Biostructured(TM) silver nanoparticles.

•    Peppermint and cinnamon help enhance skin cell signaling that causes the body to naturally and automatically increase blood flow to the affected area to accelerate the natural healing process.

•    Lemon and lavender, coming from the worlds of citrus and flowers, respectively, offer completely different phytochemical profiles that extend skin protection against external threats that aren’t as efficiently covered by silver.

•    Oregano, although the lowest concentration essential oil in this formula, is the most powerful herb used in this formula when it comes to broad spectrum defenses for skin and wounds.

What’s NOT in this silver gel formula:

•    No synthetic chemical preservatives such as sodium benzoate
•    No synthetic fragrance of any kind
•    No petroleum byproducts
•    No emulsifiers derived from GMO sources
•    No artificial colors – the only color we add is derived from beetroot
•    No glycerin or stearic acid

Check out the ingredients that are in the product:

Colloidal silver (rain water, silver), Ionic silver (rain water, silver), Biostructured(TM) silver (rain water, silver, aqueous rosemary extract), aloe vera concentrate, gum arabic*, xanthan gum, konjac gum, thymol (from thyme herb), rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemon essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, lavender essential oil, oregano essential oil, organic beet root

Get some Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel now at the Health Ranger Store.

How it’s made: Producing high quality ionic silver is a very slow process

While the label of our silver gel claims a minimum of 50 ppm silver, most production lots are currently testing well over 60 ppm of silver, which is unusually high due to the direct current process that requires 12 days to generate this dispersion of ionic silver in a production vessel. While high voltage silver generators can produce high-ppm batches in just 30 minutes, those colloidal liquids consist of very large silver clusters with significantly less effectiveness against external threats due to the lack of ionic dispersion that we achieve with ionic silver production.

Making very high quality ionic silver requires very long durations of continuously applied direct current voltage. We use lab-deionized rain water, which results in nearly 18 megohms of resistivity, meaning it is almost a perfect insulator. This causes the first wave of particles emitted from the silver electrodes to be extremely tiny — essentially the size of a silver atom. While this process results in the smallest atomic-sized silver particles possible, it is exceedingly slow.

Every production lot of Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel is made from this process, requiring 12 days of direct current production via high surface area silver electrodes. This process results in extremely high saturation of very small silver ions, which are then partially complexed with molecules from botanicals to create biostructured silver nanoparticles, which then make up a portion of the formula.

The result of all this technology is a super smooth, highly effective, scientifically validated silver gel formulation that’s unbeatable for first aid applications.

A super effective formula for your medicine kit, go bag, camping kit or emergency preparedness

Wherever you have a need for first aid solutions to help protect and support the skin, this Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel is a truly groundbreaking problem solver.

Stock this product in your medicine kit, bugout “go bag” or emergency preparedness gear collections. It’s perfect for camping use and safe enough to use with children, pets and horses. (Do not apply to the eyes or other orifices. Not for internal use.)

Agricultural users of this product will find an extraordinary range of uses for horses, goats, cattle and other livestock. Larger volume sizes of the gel will be available for agricultural purchases in the near future.

Be ready to defend your skin with Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel

In an age where antibiotics can no longer treat rising superbugs, and when hospitals seem to run out of emergency supplies on a regular basis, it’s important to seek out first aid alternatives that don’t depend on the pharmaceutical industrial complex to help keep you safe.
Mother Nature has already created a battery of molecules and elements that have astonishing properties for personal health. We just have to be wise enough to understand how to combine these elements into the most synergistic formulations that are compatible with the principles of healing and natural health.

That’s what our Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel accomplishes: It’s the perfect synthesis of nature’s most effective remedies, verified with today’s most advanced science.

Get some now at the Health Ranger Store.

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