Google now colluding with Communist China to crush freedom of religion by rigging “religious freedom” search results

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Image: Google now colluding with Communist China to crush freedom of religion by rigging “religious freedom” search results

(Natural News) Once more, American tech behemoth Google proves that its loyalties don’t lie with the country where it was founded and where it was able to thrive, thanks to freedom and liberty. 

As The Epoch Times reports, the Chinese Communist government has long practiced religious discrimination and has especially persecuted members of the Falun Gong. Now, however, the government is using new and inventive ways to limit access to religious information — technology — and Google is happily aiding and abetting Beijing’s tyranny.

But so, too, are other tech companies including Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and DuckDuckGo.

The news site noted further: 

When asked about Google’s role in spreading Communist Party propaganda that distorts the Party’s record on religious freedom and attacks Falun Gong, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback put the issue in a larger context. He said China’s growing influence has become a major concern in the United States and may demand a response from Congress or the administration.

Well, we can forget Congress because as long as Democrats and RINOs are in charge of the Legislative Branch, it’ll fall to the Executive Branch — President Trump — to deal with China.

“There’s a robust debate in the country right now, whether it’s the tech companies or sports entities. This is a big, robust debate. These issues should be brought up and they should be discussed,” Brownback said recently, The Epoch Times reported.

The 21st anniversary of the International Religious Freedom Act was Oct. 27; it was passed by Congress in 1998, during the latter stages of the Clinton administration, to promote religious freedom as official foreign policy for the U.S. 


“We stand for freedom of speech. We stand for freedom of religion,” said Brownback, adding that the U.S. government ought to be defending and protecting those basic human rights.

While they are difficult to enforce internationally, of course, the U.S. government ought to at least ensure that American-based corporations abide by the same principles.

Communism is repressive by nature, especially in China, and Google is aiding and abetting

Google doesn’t, of course. The search, media, and tech behemoth has been busted altering search results for conservative news and information, and has also either banned certain terms or buried them in results so that they are difficult and time-consuming to locate.

The company is doing the same for Communist China. (Related: Undercover investigators expose mass forced organ harvesting in communist China.)

In addition to that, the Chinese government also attempts to exploit Google to undermine American democracy and our system of government, according to Falun Data Information Center (FDIC) researchers, The Epoch Times noted.

For instance, when someone searches the string “religious freedom in China,” Google’s algorithm guides that user by adding a “People also ask” box, where the search engine normally lists the most common queries that align with what is deemed by to be the most appropriate and credible response.

One of those returned questions is, “Does China have freedom of speech and religion?”

The response to that question is, “The 1982 Constitution provides its citizens the right to believe in any religion, as well as the right to refrain from doing so: Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of religious belief.”

That’s not really accurate.

A similar misleading response is given when someone searched the term “Falun Gong,” which is an ancient spiritual discipline the Chinese Communists brutally repress. 

Google returns this ‘most commonly asked’ question: “Is Falun Gong Buddhist?” — and the top answer directs the user to a Chinese government website which attacks the practice.

“This is akin to directing users to a neo-Nazi website to learn about the finer points of Judaism,” FDIC spokesperson Erping Zhang told The Epoch Times. 

“These answer boxes are supposed to direct you to what Google considers to be the foremost authority on any given topic. Does this mean Google believes the Chinese regime to be the most ‘authoritative’ on the topic of Falun Gong and religion?”

Communism in its normal form does not aid and abet any individual freedoms. That’s no different in China.

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