Bernie Sanders’ daughter-in-law, 46, dies of cancer just days after it was revealed that vaccines are laced with cancer-imprinted DNA from aborted human babies

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Image: Bernie Sanders’ daughter-in-law, 46, dies of cancer just days after it was revealed that vaccines are laced with cancer-imprinted DNA from aborted human babies

(Natural News) In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Rainè Riggs, the daughter-in-law of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has reportedly died from neuroendocrine cancer.

The 46-year-old mother of three had been diagnosed just two days prior to her sudden passing, and just days after we reported on a new discovery out of Italy linking vaccines to cancer.

Riggs, who was married to Bernie’s son Levi, is said to have fallen ill just three weeks before her death, and initially doctors were “stumped” as to what was wrong with her. However, just a few days later Riggs was diagnosed with the deadly disease, and two days after that she passed.

“How can the world ever be the same when it said goodbye to such a beautiful soul?” wrote Riggs’ family about this woman, who had earned her doctorate in neuropsychology from The University of Vermont, and dedicated her life to the practice of medicine and psychology.

“I don’t know how our family will ever get over this loss as she was loved so much,” the family went on to say about Riggs. “I do know that we will continue on because we have to … we promised her we would.”

Riggs is survived by her husband and three children, as well as by her father-in-law, who himself suffered a heart attack recently while on the campaign trail.

“Rainè Riggs, we will miss you every day until the day we see your beautiful smile,” mourns her family. “I know you will be waiting for us.”

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Riggs dies just days after it is revealed that vaccines are deliberately imprinted with hundreds of cancer genes

Riggs’ death from cancer occurring just after researchers from Corvelva found that vaccines have been genetically engineered to cause cancer is admittedly a strange coincidence.

While we don’t know why Riggs developed cancer and died so quickly from it, the revelation that vaccines are loaded with cancer-imprinted DNA derived from aborted human babies sure does put things into perspective.

Did Riggs develop cancer later in life after being injected with cancer-causing vaccines as a child? Was she one of the unlucky ones who succumbed to cancer earlier in her life compared to many others who develop it in old age?

The reason we’re asking these questions isn’t to disrespect Riggs or her family in any way, but rather to draw attention to an elephant in the room that the mainstream media will certainly never address.

There are admittedly many reasons why people develop cancer, and more than likely most cases are due to multiple complex factors. But the vaccine link shouldn’t be ignored, especially as corrupt politicians like Richard Pan of California continue to push for mandatory vaccination with no exemptions.

As tragic as Riggs’ death might be, it’s important to try to get to the bottom of why she and so many others are getting it these days. Is mandatory vaccination one of the reasons why cancer rates are skyrocketing in virtually every demographic? It’s definitely a strong possibility.

“What’s clear from this genetic sequencing is that the vaccine industry is inoculating children with engineered cancer,” wrote Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the vaccine-cancer link uncovered by Corvelva, adding that “vaccines are deliberately formulated with cancer-causing genes which have been specifically modified to promote cancer tumors.”

“Not only is this cancer-ridden genetic code inserted into all these vaccines given to children, but the dose of the cancer-infected DNA is dangerously high,” Adams goes on to explain.

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