WTF? Los Angeles now hiring GANG MEMBERS as cops, but law-abiding conservatives are not allowed to join the force

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Image: WTF? Los Angeles now hiring GANG MEMBERS as cops, but law-abiding conservatives are not allowed to join the force

(Natural News) The more lunatic Left-wing Democrats solidify their control over California and its major urban centers, the closer the state and its cities get to absolute anarchy and collapse.

To begin with, it should be noted that police departments all over the country are having difficulty filling their ranks. This is because the Left, under Barack Obama, began a campaign of demonizing police officers by labeling them racist murderers in virtually every case involving the shooting of a black suspect.

Obama wasn’t three months into his first term, in fact, when he called out a white Cambridge, Mass., police sergeant who arrested prominent black Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates at his home after he suspected a break-in and Gates became uncooperative. Obama said the officer “acted stupidly” before he even knew the details of the incident.

It only got worse from there, and the next thing you know, Obama’s ‘Justice’ Department was trying to take over as many local police agencies as possible to inflict upon them Left-wing policies that cast doubt and suspicion on cops rather than on perpetrators.

With that in mind, in recent days the head of the Los Angeles Police Department, Chief Michel Moore, complained to the Los Angeles Times about an employment ad for his department that someone spotted on the conservative Breitbart News website.

In a tweet, Moore said “senior leadership did not authorize” nor did “LAPD…purchase or otherwise acquire space on that website.”

Moore added that city officials are “investigating whether spoof/other effort to discredit LAPD.”


Gang members okay in LA, but not conservatives?

As Law Enforcement Today notes, online advertising works like this:

You’re a cop looking for a job.  You take a peak at some job postings.  The sites you’re looking on will often drop what’s called a “cookie” into your browser, which allows that job posting to follow you around the internet, appearing on other third party websites.

Apparently the chief is too busy attacking Breitbart to do a little research as to how this magical thing called the “internet” works.


LAPD’s brass got into ‘investigation mode’ after Noah Shachtman, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, tweeted Moore asking “why LAPD recruitment ads were appearing on Breitbart.” (Related: The Democrat Left is pushing our major cities to the brink of anarchy through systematic neutering of police, law enforcement.)

The same question could be asked by conservatives if the ads had appeared on the very Left-wing Daily Beast. In fact, if you’re a police department, maybe the best thing to do would be to ensure that your ads didn’t appear on any news or politics websites, to avoid any appearance of bias…right?

In any event, this is really just about misperceptions regarding Breitbart as a news outlet; the organization is spot-on when it comes to reporting facts, but because it leans right, the Left-wing establishment media hates them — even though their own organizations like CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, etc. have published much more fake, racist news. 

And besides, LET notes, “That same ad has no doubt appeared on liberal websites that offer space for ads that follow viewers around. So why isn’t anyone making an issue out of THAT?”

It sure appears as though the issue with LAPD is that Breitbart is conservative and, well, they just can’t deal with that. 

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has a huge gang problem — that is, deputies and senior staff officers have been tied to actual gangs within the department. 

“The Banditos, Spartans, Regulators, and Reapers are literal gangs that are claimed to exist within the Los Angeles law enforcement agency,” LET reported, adding that an FBI probe into the existence of the gangs began “after allegations of abuse by the Banditos in March.”

Gang members, okay; conservatives? Never — despite the fact that conservatives support cops far more than Left-wing Democrats do.

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