Former NFL player arrested for “Jussie Smollett-type” hate crime hoax: Allegedly staged attack on his own ice cream parlor

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Image: Former NFL player arrested for “Jussie Smollett-type” hate crime hoax: Allegedly staged attack on his own ice cream parlor

(Natural News) When former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was let off the hook by the Cook County prosecuting attorney earlier this year after Chicago Police had him dead to rights for staging a fake hate crime, in which he alleged two Trump supporters beat him up in a racially-motivated attack, many people believed it would spark copycats to try the same thing.

It appears those fears have been vindicated.

Reports noted over the weekend that Edawn Coughman, a former NFL player, has now been accused of a hate crime hoax in order to profit from an insurance payout, “but his stupidity in failing to cover his tracks has won him comparisons” to the former “Empire” actor, Zero Hedge reports.

Coughmen, who played in the NFL and the Canadian Football League, was arrested last week and charged with insurance fraud and filing a false police report.

The incident began after someone called police regarding an alleged burglary at Coughman’s Creamery, an ice cream parlor belonging to the ex-player in Lawrenceville, Ga. 

The caller gave officers a description of a truck that reportedly belonged to the suspect. Soon, cops found the vehicle being driven down the road, but it turned out that the truck belonged to Coughman and he was still behind the wheel.

The Western Journal noted further: 

Coughman told police that he was the owner of the creamery, and had filed an insurance claim after vandals wrecked his business. In the bed of the truck, however, were multiple televisions mounted to brackets, with drywall still attached to some of them. If this wasn’t suspicious enough, what police discovered at his business tipped them off that this wasn’t a run-of-the-mill burglary.


Upon investigation, policy found the ice cream parlor vandalized with the word “MAGA,” racial slurs, and a backward swastika spray-painted on walls. Police said that the paint was still wet when they got there, and that the back door to the place was pried open. Officers also noted yellow tool marks around the pry marks. 

“Their investigation was about to get a big break, however,” The Western Journal noted further. 

How many more of these before someone gets away with it and causes riots?

Upon obtaining a search warrant, officers found spray-paint cans in Coughman’s vehicle as well as a crowbar that was painted just like the tool smudges found on the back of his business’ jimmied door. 

And while that evidence did not approach the amount found by Chicago police against Smollett, the discoveries nevertheless will mean that Coughman’s attorney won’t have an easy go getting his client off. 

Based on some reviews of the ice cream parlor, it’s easy to understand why Coughman’s business was failing, The Western Journal reported. 

As for Smollett, the further police dug into his case, the more obvious it became that he faked a hate crime, ostensibly to get a part in a new series or a movie. (Related: It was a HOAX! Jussie Smollett hate crime “attack” was staged, say police… actual police work unmasked flimsy plot to stoke racial hatred across America.)

Eventually two Nigerian brothers who ‘beat up’ Smollett admitted the actor paid them to do so after they were picked out on video surveillance cameras at a local shop buying red hats and other items used in the alleged attack.

The Left-wing media, however, excused Smollett and cheered when he got away with his crime. No wonder another black man chose to stage a similar “Trump” hate crime; when no one is held responsible, others figure it’s okay for them to try the same thing.

Democrats are to blame for this, period.

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