Fox News continues to push hilarious anti-cannabis nonsense, says homeless people are “shooting up” marijuana

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Image: Fox News continues to push hilarious anti-cannabis nonsense, says homeless people are “shooting up” marijuana

(Natural News) During a recent segment discussing San Francisco’s latest attempt to de-stigmatize residents with criminal records by changing the legal terminology used to describe them, a guest appearing on Fox News actually made the suggestion that authorities need to focus less on this type of criminal justice reform, and more on dealing with homeless people out on the street whom he stated, “just shot up marijuana.”

According to David Avella, who chairs an organization known as GOPAC that reportedly trains Republican political candidates, cannabis is apparently now injectable – unbeknownst to the millions of law-abiding Americans from all backgrounds who live in non-prohibition states and use this potent herb to naturally combat pain, cancer, and a host of other physical and mental ailments.

Speaking to the hosts of Fox‘s Outnumbered program, Avella stated that San Francisco won’t accomplish much by changing its language policies, as doing this will not create solutions to California’s “overcrowded prisons.” Instead, Avella would like to see California foster “a society that follows the law,” which includes barring “individuals on the street having just shot up with marijuana.”

One of the show’s hosts was quick to correct Avella, blurting out “heroin” after he said the word marijuana, but it was already too late: Avella had exposed himself to Fox‘s viewers as just another Reefer Madness propagandist who, even if it was just a slip of the tongue, is completely out of touch with the growing acceptance of cannabis as a natural alternative to the synthetic chemical drugs manufactured by many of Fox‘s most prominent advertisers.


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Ending cannabis prohibition and the stigma that surrounds the plant’s use is a bipartisan effort backed by the Constitution

It never ceases to amaze us how Fox News and the so-called conservatives who still follow this network claim to be advocates of “small government,” even as they openly support big government prohibition policies that in the vast majority of “red” states still put otherwise innocent people in prison over a plant.

While Avella may have simply made a mistake, or perhaps a Freudian slip, it’s obvious that he doesn’t support cannabis, and views it the same way that he views heroin: as a “street drug” used by homeless “junkies,” and thus as a societal scourge.

This is the same message constantly being conveyed by Fox News itself, which continues to dredge up the worst kinds of anti-cannabis propaganda, including the false notion that cannabis is only used by “leftists.”

Back in 2017, for instance, Fox & Friends featured guest Grady Judd, the Sheriff of Polk County, Florida, who claimed that “pot” is “ruining families and killing people every day across the United States,” adding that cannabis is somehow a “gateway drug.”

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed, stating that “THC is addicting,” while fellow co-host Ainsley Earhardt parroted this notion and added that, “you don’t start on cocaine; you probably start with marijuana and it leads to other things, right?”

Judd responded in the affirmative, somehow tying cannabis to the “meth problem” across Florida.

“If someone’s in possession of meth, you’re in possession of marijuana because it kind of cuts the edge of the meth,” Judd stated hilariously, proclaiming his complete and utter ignorance of the subject. “And then they use the marijuana and the meth, and they go out and kill themselves, or overdose, or kill someone else.”

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