Conservative journalist Laura Loomer wins appeal in censorship case against tech giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple

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Image: Conservative journalist Laura Loomer wins appeal in censorship case against tech giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple

(Natural News) Conservatives haven’t had much success challenging the censorship practices of tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, but one right-leaning journalist will soon get her day in court, thanks to a court victory this week.

Laura Loomer announced on her website Wednesday that she won an appeal in the D.C. Circuit against the tech behemoths earlier this week, meaning her case will now proceed to trial. 

“Loomer is suing the Big Tech giants for conspiring to suppress her speech because of her political views,” the site noted. “Loomer has been banned from Facebook and Twitter.”

The lower D.C. district court had dismissed Loomer’s suit but she and the non-profit legal organization Freedom Watch appealed the decision. 

“In layman’s terms,” another indy journalist, Mike Cernovich noted, “this means Laura Loomer has a real case.” 

He also noted that before she was banned from both platforms, the garbage “mainstream” media, which serves as the Left-wing Democratic Party’s propaganda wing, would report for days on her ‘racist,’ ‘bigoted’ tweets and posts — but are now silent regarding her court victory.

Loomer also has a case filed in Florida, where she is represented by attorney Ron Coleman, who noted on Twitter Wednesday that responses are due in court from the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) by next week.

“Laura Loomer’s case vs. Google alleges anti-trust violations + a claim for discrimination,” Cernovich noted. (Related: Google insider BOMBSHELL: “I saw something dark and nefarious going on” inside tech giant’s plans to “overthrow the United States.”)

In addition to anti-trust and discrimination allegations, Loomer’s lawsuit alleges that both social media platforms violated her First Amendment rights as well as the DC Human Rights Act “via collusion to suppress conservative content,” her site notes.


A win in court will provide a legal roadmap for other banned conservatives to follow

The news site adds:

On May 2, 2019, Facebook banned Loomer from Facebook and Instagram. At the time of the ban, Loomer had nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook, and over 120,000 on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. The banning of Loomer, along with several other high profile conservatives sparked international outrage, as users wondered how Facebook could claim that Loomer and others were more “dangerous” than terrorist groups like ANTIFA and ISIS, which have accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Without question, Loomer’s suit is being watched by other notable conservatives and conservative organizations; if she’s successful, her case will provide them with a legal road map for restitution (and possible reinstatement) from the tech giants who have developed a well-earned reputation for punishing and banning right-leaning speakers while protecting, ignoring, or defending far-Left voices, even when they violate platform ‘community’ rules.

Larry Klayman, Loomer’s attorney, sued Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, some years ago for allegedly enabling and fomenting a Palestinian intifada that resulted in the death of Jews. Before founding Freedom Watch, Klayman founded Judicial Watch.

Twitter banned Loomer from its platform in November after she criticized anti-Semitic lawmaker Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). At the time, Loomer had hundreds of thousands of followers, so the ban deprived her of her voice and access to those fans.

In addition to Twitter, other big social media platforms including Apple and Google have been accused of conspiring to ban and censor conservative voices — allegations that surfaced after Apple’s iTunes, Facebook, YouTube and others all banned conservative icon Alex Jones the same day.

In recent months, Project Veritas, whom Loomer used to work for, has released several undercover videos and interviews featuring big tech whistleblowers who admit that their former employers seek to downgrade or suppress conservative voices in an attempt to influence political outcomes at the national and regional levels.

Specifically, that means electing Democrats and defeating Donald Trump next year. 

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