By supporting Antifa during Portland protests, CNN is now officially a domestic terrorism propaganda channel

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Image: By supporting Antifa during Portland protests, CNN is now officially a domestic terrorism propaganda channel

(Natural News) The so-called “mainstream” media doesn’t really do journalism in the traditional sense anymore — that is, report events as they happened so as to keep people informed.

Rather, the mainstream media has become nothing more than a political propaganda wing for the American Left, where anti-American advocacy has replaced reporting as their primary function.

Case in point: CNN, which is hyper-focused on getting rid of our president instead of reporting factually on national and international events.

Over the weekend, Portland, Oregon — Ground Zero for the so-called “anti-fascist” movement — once again saw Left-wing violence perpetrated against conservative groups and individuals who had come there to hold a demonstration against the very sane domestic terrorism used against them.

And yet, though members of “Antifa” were the ones meting out the physical and verbal abuse, CNN somehow found it appropriate to portray them as the good guys (and gals).

“Portland’s entire police force was on hand to ensure that the march to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization went relatively smoothly. And amongst those supporting their President and the fundamental rights of all American citizens, it did,” Jon Bowne reported.

“The group patiently, peacefully, and respectfully obeyed the Portland police throughout the march,” Bowne added. “Meanwhile, Antifa once again revealed exactly why it is that their anti-American Communist propaganda thuggery has reached the end of a majority of Americans’ patience.”


Bowne noted that during the day, Antifa members beat up an older man and woman, chased down what appeared to be a father and his very young daughter, and attacked a school bus that was transporting pro-liberty demonstrators, among other acts of violence.

Meantime, they chanted “Go Home, Nazis, go home, again echoing this childish and factually incorrect demand to American citizens” who “are home anywhere within U.S. territories,” he continued. 

And yet, “According to CNN, Antifa are the good guys, just peaceful protestors protecting their progressive city from evil nationalists,” Bowne reported.

CNN’s on-ground “reporter” made sure to interview protest participants — from Antifa. The network gave its members a platform to spew their warped and misplaced sense of ‘justice,’ when in reality they were the ones responsible for the violence and for denying other Americans their liberty to speak, think, and demonstrate freely.

Americans are getting FED UP with out-of-control Leftist violence

But that’s typical of CNN and Antifa: Neither supports American liberty when it comes to citizens who disagree with their Communist/Marxist political views.

Instead, it’s all Trump hate all the time, which has become CNN’s standing programming format 24/7/365.

The president hasn’t commented on Antifa until recently — after it become obvious the group’s members have become domestic terrorists following the firebombing of an ICE facility in Tacoma, Wash., last month by a self-described Antifa supporter/member.

Interestingly, Bowne is correct in that a growing number of Americans are waking up to the Nazi Brown Shirt tactics of the American Left and are rejecting it. (Related: Despite near-universal negative media coverage, Trump’s approval STILL better than Obama.)

The Seattle Times notes that in that ‘blue’ city, Trump supporters are beginning “to come out of hiding.”

The paper noted further: 

The latest federal-election reports show that Trump is doing surprisingly well getting backers in this bluest of blue places. With nearly 15 months to go before the 2020 election, he already has drawn more donations from Seattle addresses than he did during the entire 2016 campaign.

Moreover, throughout Washington state, the president has amassed more donations from residents than the top six Democratic presidential contenders combined.

“What’s more, these are ‘itemized donations’ — meaning the donors were required to list their names, occupations and addresses, and risk” backlash from having them made public through doxxing. 

They obviously don’t care. 

Because they’ve obviously had enough of the poison, violence, hypocrisy, and anti-American sentiment from the Democrat Left and “news” organizations like CNN. 

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