Why does the left say NOTHING about the thousands of children murdered in abortions, but then screams bloody murder when a mass shooting takes place?

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Image: Why does the left say NOTHING about the thousands of children murdered in abortions, but then screams bloody murder when a mass shooting takes place?

(Natural News) Though they’re completely oblivious to the irony of it, leftists have deluded themselves into believing that they’re somehow to be taken seriously every time they decide to virtue signal about the loss of human life following an alleged mass shooting, even as they simultaneously screech for unlimited, free abortions for everyone without apology.

On the one hand, leftists want us all to believe that they’re the compassionate ones who actually care about the sanctity of human life. But when it comes right down to it, the only life that leftists seem to care about is brown and black life, or life that’s old enough to start voting Democrat. Unborn life, in other words, has no value to leftists.

Not only do today’s Democrats fully and shamelessly endorse baby murder on demand, but they’re actually proud to hold this position. Human life holds such little value to liberals that they’ve even begun “shouting” their abortions whenever and wherever they get the chance, as if tearing tiny human bodies limb from limb is some kind of “virtue.”

But then, whenever children and adults who weren’t aborted supposedly get shot at with firearms, at least according to mainstream news, the entire narrative changes in an instant. Leftists suddenly care about human life, as they proceed to go irate about the need to protect it by banning all guns and eliminating the Second Amendment.

It’s obvious, in such scenarios, that leftists don’t actually care about human life, but rather see it as an opportunity to try to eliminate the right to bear arms. The only value that human life has to leftists, in other words, is that its termination via gun crimes can be exploited to advance the left’s political agenda, or attain more Democratic votes.


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Human life is so valuable to the left that leftist regimes all throughout history have violently EXTERMINATED it in an attempt to usher in communist and socialist “utopias”

Recognizing this political tactic of the left is key to understanding how the leftist mind works. Since many leftists are the exact opposite of what they claim to be – compassionless, heartless, and in some cases soulless – they have to masquerade as such in order to have any chance at all of being taken seriously.

But the critical thinking mind will easily see right through it. Such individuals are able to discern that the left couldn’t care less about human life, born or unborn, unless it can be harnessed and manipulated to amass more power and control for the left. When it can’t be used for such purposes, human life is worthless to leftists, which is why leftist regimes all throughout history committed mass genocide in an attempt to bring about the communist and socialist “utopias” that leftists crave.

Virtually every authoritarian regime in the historical record has had leftist underpinnings, and today’s leftist movements are no exception. That’s why the left today is increasingly calling for violence against Christians, conservatives, white people, straight people, and various other enemy groups that get in the way of the leftist vision for the world.

One recent example of this involved an Antifa terrorist who reportedly firebombed an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Tacoma, Washington. Even though there was human life inside that ICE facility at the time, this Antifa terrorist decided that it was worth trying to murder it in order to “resist fascism” and support “immigrants.”

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