DOCTORS killed more Americans last weekend than mass shooters… but there’s zero outrage from the media or leftists

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Image: DOCTORS killed more Americans last weekend than mass shooters… but there’s zero outrage from the media or leftists

(Natural News) In a first, science “skeptic” and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has actually told his followers the truth about America’s supposed gun violence epidemic, revealing that far more Americans die every day from modern “medicine” than they do from firearms.

Contrary to what the left would have us all believe, guns are far less of a risk to human health and safety than pharmaceutical pills, surgeries, and other tools of today’s medical industry. Every two days, Tyson revealed in a tweet, around 500 people die from “medical errors,” while another 300 or so die from “flu” (or more likely, infection vulnerability caused by flu shots).

On the other hand, only about 40 people die every two days from homicide due to handguns, Tyson admits. And most of these deaths occur in Democrat strongholds like Baltimore and Chicago, where inner city gun violence is routine, though rarely addressed by the mainstream media, which only cares about “mass shootings” that have the potential to bring about gun control.

“Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data,” Tyson correctly points out, illustrating that being scared of guns as the biggest societal threat doesn’t actually translate to them being the biggest societal threat.

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As usual, leftists became instantly triggered by these truths and turned on Tyson

Hilariously, many of Tyson’s biggest fans were absolutely outraged that he would dare to tell the truth about this hot-button issue. One of them, who was clearly triggered by the tweet in question, flew off the handle and immediately began hurling profanity-laden insults at Tyson.


“Wow, just wow,” this individual wrote, demonstrating that he just “can’t even” when it comes to dealing with inconvenient truths like this.

“That makes the shooting, OK (sic) then,” this same person wrote, putting words in Tyson’s mouth that he didn’t actually say or tweet. “Their innocent dead bodies arriving at the morgues are just statistics. Everything explained then. You’re so smart. F*** YOU soulless a**hole. This is the most heartless tweet in history of social media. Congratulations….”

Such “love” and “tolerance.” And naturally, since he’s a leftist himself, Tyson was quick to apologize for telling the truth, as if he somehow did something wrong by putting it out there.

“My intent was to offer objectively true information that might help shape conversations and reactions to preventable ways we die,” Tyson wrote in a public apology that was just dripping with political correctness.

Even after his apology, Tyson was still sent through the ringer by his angry, violent critics. One Facebook user by the name of Kellie Gerardi accused even Tyson’s apologetic pandering of being “offensive shallow,” as she virtue-signaled her outrage over having to face the truths he shared.

“You used data to draw a false equivalence with unfathomably hurtful timing, and your arrogance has you doubling down with ‘true but unhelpful,'” Gerardi wrote, obviously proud of herself for being such a wonderful human being. “Why even bother with a note?”

“I find it incredulous that an intellectual such as Neil deGrasse Tyson would be so unwittingly tone deaf at a time like this,” whined another Facebook user by the name of Andrew Smith, who presumably supports unlimited and free abortions that murder unborn human lives. “Which makes his attempt at an apology rather disingenuous,” Smith further wrote.

Round and round went the merry-go-round of leftist outrage on social media in response to Tyson’s tweet, which we can only hope will help Tyson wake up to the fact that liberalism really is a mental disorder. Liberals obviously care more about feelings and sounding smart than they do about facts, because facts almost never agree with their deranged ideologies.

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