White supremacy paranoia is a massive HOAX perpetrated by the toxic media that pushes hatred, bigotry and lawlessness

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Image: White supremacy paranoia is a massive HOAX perpetrated by the toxic media that pushes hatred, bigotry and lawlessness

(Natural News) Though the Left has been seething with animosity over what it perceives as America’s ‘white-dominated’ society for years, in the lead-up to the 2020 election they have come out and made hating white people an official platform of the Democratic Party. And shame on the party’s officials and leaders for allowing it to happen.

In particular, the hatred is manifested in the establishment media-created and driven lie that a) “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” are one in the same; b) both are a major problem; and c) white supremacists are everywhere (especially at rallies held by POTUS Donald Trump).

It’s all a fabrication, mind you. The fact is we probably couldn’t fill a college football stadium with the number of actual, avowed “white supremacists” in America, and in a nation of nearly 330 million people that’s saying something.

On his Fox News program Tuesday, Tucker Carlson took on this socially destructive and politically divisive false narrative, labeling it the latest Democrat-derived fabrication being employed ahead of next year’s elections after the Robert Mueller investigation failed to drive POTUS from office.

White supremacy “actually is not a real problem in America,” Carlson began, noting that it’s “a hoax” and “a conspiracy theory used to divide the country.”

Democrats have really gone into overdrive with the ‘white supremacist/white nationalist’ lie following the El Paso, Texas, shooting last weekend. It didn’t take long at all for the media to blame the president’s “divisive, anti-immigrant rhetoric” for the incident once it was reported that the shooter wrote a manifesto blaming a “Hispanic invasion” in part for his act (never mind that he also specifically said that his feelings towards Hispanics “predated” the Trump presidency).

“Almost everything the Left says today is projection,” Carlson noted, pointing out that while they claim to be opposed to violence, they have no problems wishing for violence to be inflicted on Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, where one protester who showed up to his home following his shoulder fracture this week vocally wished for someone to “stab him in the heart.”

Democrats are spreading a “disgusting” message of “hate” 

“In almost every single case they accuse you of exactly what they’re doing,” Carlson continued. 

“In the wake of two mass shootings, they’ve been telling us the president is a hater. ‘He’s using race to divide us!’ they scream. ‘It’s wrong!’ Well, they’re right about the second part, it’s definitely wrong. But using race to divide us? That’s a core tenet of the Left,” Carlson noted further.

The Fox News host said that today’s Democrat Party uses “identity politics” to sort of divide and conquer the electorate, but that doing so means taking the fragile social fabric of a multicultural society and ripping it to shreds. (Related: Texas rep, brother of 2020 Dem candidate Joaquin Castro, ‘doxes’ Trump campaign supporters on Facebook.)

He then played clips of two 2020 Democratic presidential contenders — Robert “Beto” O’Rourke and Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) — pandering to audiences about how America was “founded on racism” and still exists under laws that essentially codify racism and inequality, though there are constitutional amendments and a host of civil rights laws that say otherwise.

“What you’re watching everyday is a systematic effort by the Left to undermine the institutions that hold this country together,” Carlson told viewers. “Chief among those institutions, in this and all societies, throughout time, is law enforcement. Our justice system.” 

Carlson then played several clips of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders all of whom claimed to audiences that police in America are racist and that they specifically single out and target black men — despite there being no evidence to prove the allegations.

“Dividing us? Oh yes, they’re dividing us,” Carlson said, noting that their claims are “disgusting.” 

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