“Woke” progressives turn on Leonardo DiCaprio as the Left eats its own… (you can never reason with lunatics)

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Image: “Woke” progressives turn on Leonardo DiCaprio as the Left eats its own… (you can never reason with lunatics)

(Natural News) Like many Hollywood A-listers, Leonardo DiCaprio is a big liberal. He supports many left-wing causes, has donated thousands of dollars to the Democratic party and directly supported former President Obama during both his election campaigns. DiCaprio is also known for his devotion to the global warming fear-mongering campaign, going so far as to even produce a film about it in 2007. But, as is so typical of the Left, DiCaprio is now facing the wrath of his fellow progressives for not being “woke” enough.

According to the increasingly insane, fascist “progressives” of America, Leonardo Dicaprio — a man with one of the most impressive film careers today — needs to “rethink” his career, especially how he selects what films he wants to star in.

Liberal mob decries Dicaprio

The rage culture devotees of the Left say that Dicaprio hasn’t starred in a female-directed film since 1995, and that fact makes him a “bad” person. Accusing DiCaprio of sexism because of the films he’s chosen to be a part of isn’t just ridiculous, it’s literally insane. After being chastised by his fellow liberals, more “woke” progressives joined in — declaring that DiCaprio should be using his clout to “lift up” female and minority directors.

First of all, it is worth noting that most of Leo’s critics do not work directly in film. Freelance film Guy Lodge (Variety, Guardian) started off the Twitter hate storm with this gem:

Lodge continues haranguing Dicaprio by stating that while the actor has done “some fine work,” he hasn’t been “adventurous” enough with his career. It’s easy to judge other people — especially when you haven’t been in their shoes. Lodge may be a movie critic, but he’s not an actor. Chastising Leo for working with “huge studio prestige productions with established male directors” sounds more like envy than it does criticism — what actor wouldn’t want to work with prestigious studios and famous directors?


The criticisms of Dicaprio’s choosy role selection are equivalent to  moody teenagers complaining that their favorite local band “sold out” by signing to a bigger label. Are progressives honestly expecting that anyone should forgo their own success in order to keep up appearances and to placate the liberal thought police?

Liberal thought policing is a disease

Writing for Breitbart, John Nolte reports that in the Twitter frenzy’s aftermath, leftist publication IndieWire chimed in to criticize the famous actor.

IndieWire reportedly wrote:

Does Leonardo DiCaprio need to start rethinking the way he chooses his film projects? It’s a topic many moviegoers are discussing in the aftermath of a Hollywood Reporter article naming Leonardo DiCaprio the world’s “last movie star.” DiCaprio is one of few stars left in the industry whose name carries serious box office clout, but he hasn’t necessarily leveraged that star power to lift up women and minority directors.

It is no longer enough to believe in and support liberal causes. The Left now expects that you put your own wants, desires and even your career on the line in order to bend to their political whimsy — or else. As Nolte contends, now any female or minority director Leo does choose to work with may end up having their reputation harmed in the long run, and seen as nothing more than an “affirmative action” hire.

“It’s not DiCaprio’s responsibility to do anything other than to guide his own career in a way that will leave behind the greatest legacy of work possible. He’s not a social worker, he’s an artist with a goal and the God-given right to live his life however he chooses,” Nolte contends succinctly.

The insane Left is always trying to pawn the responsibility of failure on others. And the more successful you are, the more blame you’ll receive. See more liberal insanity at Libtards.news.

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