Facebook now demands you endorse the mutilation of children or be banned from its platform

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Image: Facebook now demands you endorse the mutilation of children or be banned from its platform

(Natural News) When it recently came to our attention that Facebook banned Natural News for content that was never even shared to Facebook, we quickly realized that Big Tech has amassed far more power over online speech than we could have imagined. And it’s now becoming chillingly apparent that Facebook is also gearing up to go after folks for not openly endorsing politically correct content, such as the LGBTQP mutilation of children, on their social media accounts.

Soon, if you don’t brand all of your profile photos with the over-layered, six-colored “rainbow” of LGBTQP during “Pride Month,” for instance, Facebook might decide to terminate your account for committing “hate silence.” This is the direction where things are headed as the Tech Cabal increasingly targets free-thinkers who break from the herd with suspension, shadow-banning, de-platforming, and even permanent bans for violating their ever-evolving litany of “community guidelines,” which always cater to Leftists at the expense of conservatives.

It’s far from hyperbole to surmise that Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and the rest of the tech tyrants are planning to eventually punish users not only for the things they write and share, but also for the things they don’t write and share. In time, everyone who uses Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will be expected to wish the Cult of LGBTQP “Happy Pride!” during the month of June, or else face penalties for committing “hate silence” by quietly holding differing views on “love” and “tolerance.”


Natural News is already facing a type of this, having been completely removed from Facebook over content that was never even published to Facebook. One can only wonder how long it will be before Facebook starts taking down user accounts for not sharing other types of content, including stories that glamorize, glorify, and promote “gender reassignment” surgeries for pre-pubescent children.

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Big Tech already says that telling the truth is “hate speech.” Will there eventually come a time when not saying anything at all is considered “hate silence?”

With the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before the Tech Cabal expects everyone to adopt LGBTQP rainbows on their social media profiles, and to regurgitate pro-LGBTQP propaganda in favor of chemical and surgical castration for “transgenders” and underage “drag kids.” This is what today’s Left expects, after all: absolute compliance with every single one of their “progressive” dictates, no matter how insane or ridiculous.

Consider the fact that it’s already considered to be a digital “hate crime” to claim on social media that unborn human babies are human, as opposed to “fetuses” or “clumps of cells.” It’s also a “hate crime” to in any way suggest that men are different from women, or to point out the fact that there are only two sexes: male and female.

The inverse of all this is that if you don’t clearly demonstrate to your social media “friends” and followers that you’re in favor of LGBTQP perversion, including the idea that there are unlimited genders, then you’ll automatically be regarded as a silent “hater,” guilty of violating “community guidelines” that require “love” and “tolerance” as the Left defines these terms.

“What Facebook, Netflix, Google and all the other left-wing content platforms are pushing onto children today is not ‘progress.’ It isn’t ‘tolerance’ and it isn’t ‘love.’ It’s child abuse,” points out Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“It’s a crime against children. And if those who carry out such crimes somehow escape being judged by society during their lifetimes, they will not escape being judged by God … For myself and Natural News, I would much rather be banned by Facebook and embraced by God than be banned by God and embraced by Mark Zuckerberg,” he adds.

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