Snapchat releases pro-pedophilia “love has no age” filter for LGBTQP Pride Month designed to normalize adults “hooking up” with children

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Image: Snapchat releases pro-pedophilia “love has no age” filter for LGBTQP Pride Month designed to normalize adults “hooking up” with children

(Natural News) Just as we predicted, the Cult of LGBTQ is eagerly trying to add another letter onto its title: a P, for pedophiles.

The pro-LGBTQ Snapchat app, at least, decided that it would be a good idea to celebrate “Pride Month” in June by adding a new “love has no age” filter to its app, which was reportedly pulled just two days after it was launched in response to massive public backlash.

But while it was still operating, the “love has no age” filter apparently promoted the idea that sexual activity between people of any age, including children, is just another form of “self-expression” to be included on the LGBTQ “rainbow.”

According to reports, the inclusion of a P in LGBTQP by Snapchat is part of a concerted effort by pedophiles to force their perversion into the mix of accepted “gender identities” and “sexual orientations,” which we’re already witnessing with the acceptance by Leftists of 11-year-old “drag kids” like “Desmond is Amazing,” whose parents are exploiting the poor boy for profit.

“This ‘filter’ seems to show the ground this criminal movement (has made) to make grooming, molesting, and photographing children in a sexually explicit manner an acceptable practice,” writes Waldo Crane for Big League Politics.

“All across America, drag queens are organizing to read fairytales to children at ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ led by sex offenders … Children are paraded as cross dressers and sent to dance for adult homosexuals … Throughout ‘pride’ month expect to see shocking displays of sexuality direct at everyone, especially children,” Crane adds.


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Call it what it is, folks: LGBTQP

Remember when members of the Cult of LGB mocked the idea of transgenderism becoming mainstreamed? Well, now it has, hence the addition of a T to form the Cult of LGBT. And now it’s only appropriate to call it the Cult of LGBTQP, as the rainbow-flaggers embrace child sex abuse in the name of “inclusion.”

As far as Snapchat goes, many have argued that the platform was actually designed to normalize pedophilia, the app’s “disappearing messages” functioning as an easy way for pedophiles to exploit their victims without evidence or consequence.

“Snapchat is an app that is designed for teenagers,” writes Corinne Weaver for Life Site News.

“Ninety percent of the company’s 190 million daily users fall between the ages of 13 and 24. The company is one of the few social media platforms that sets the minimum age at 13 in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).”

If you support the LGBTQ agenda, you also support pedophilia and child rape

In many ways, the Cult of LGBT has always included pedophilia, even though it was never openly discussed. That’s because, believe it or not, many of the pioneering homosexuals who’ve been pushing for the normalization of alternate sexual orientations for decades were actually pedophiles themselves, preying on young boys to fulfill their demonic sexual fantasies.

Though the LGBT mafia will call you a “hater” for bringing it up, many, if not most, homosexuals were molested as children by adult homosexuals who took advantage of them. These molested children then grow up to become homosexuals themselves and prey on other young boys, perpetrating this wicked perversion on the next generation of innocent children.

“Pedophilia isn’t making a push to join the LGBT umbrella,” writes one Life Site News commenter, further illustrating this point.

“They’ve been there since the beginning. Some of the biggest names in its history (Harry Hay, Pat Califia, Harvey Milk, and on and on) have been involved in pedophilia and pedastery.”

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