New medicine of the Left: DIY removal of penis and testicles

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Image: New medicine of the Left: DIY removal of penis and testicles

(Natural News) The next phase of LGBT “love” and “acceptance” apparently involves surgically removing one’s own genitalia at home, and celebrating this expression of “gender identity” as a new form of “progress.”

This is what Trent Gates, a 23-year-old biological male from Washington, D.C., is claiming anyway, having recently told the media that he personally removed his own testicles and penis in order to fully become the thing that he perceives himself to be, a so-called “nullo.”

Since Gates self-identifies as “non-binary,” meaning he doesn’t believe he’s either male or female, he decided that the best course of action was to become a nullo, which is basically a eunuch.

Since no ethical doctor worth his degree would ever willingly castrate a mentally-ill person like Gates without a proper medical diagnosis warranting such, Gates says he decided to simply do it himself, using a “sanitized knife” and “painkillers.”

According to the United Kingdom’s Metro paper, Gates severed his testicles back in April 2016, and later removed his penis in January 2017 – the former in his apartment, and the latter in a hotel room.

“It really didn’t feel like part of me,” Gates reportedly told the media outlet about his reproductive organs, clarifying that he’s now a nullo, rather than “transgender.” “It’s along the lines of being trans, but not quite.”

“I have no desire to be a woman,” he added. “It’s kind of a middle ground in-between the two, an androgynous in-between.”


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Gates says he was “inspired” to become a nullo after being exposed to a “famous” nullo pervert online

Though Gates says he still feels male and is sexually attracted to men, meaning he simply has homosexual tendencies, he’s told media outlets that he decided to fully amputate his manhood after being “inspired” to do so by an older nullo pervert he encountered online, whom he describes as “the grandfather of the community.”

“I came across some pictures when I was in high school, online, and I’ve been that way since, back since I was probably 15,” Gates admitted, proving once again that this type of LGBT perversion doesn’t just come out of nowhere, and is actually a type of social contagion that’s now spreading exponentially, thanks to the internet.

“I saw a photo online – it was like, bam, first photo I saw, that’s me, I want to be there some day.”

Satanic influences are literally possessing today’s youth to sever body parts in order to become “happy”

Sadly, Gates more than likely never would have even had the thought to permanently mutilate his body, had he not been exposed to the idea online – especially since he says he doesn’t even like the grammatically-incorrect trans pronoun “they,” inferring that he still thinks of himself as a “he.”

But the kid is obviously mentally ill, and possibly demonically-possessed – as many LGBTers are – having also indicated that after removing his male body parts, he somehow felt “happier” and “more me,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

He also says that, when his male parts were still attached to his body, he had been suffering from “crippling depression” and had even attempted suicide – again pointing to some sort of Satanic element of influence or possession, as none of this is rational or normal thinking.

“Devils are unhappy when they must exert their darkness without a personal body to use,” reveals Paw Creek Ministries about how demonic possession happens.

“A demon will spend a long time influencing a person’s life, waiting for the moment they can either obsess or possess them for the greater harm to that person and others. Whether the demon is invisible or visible, they are constantly trying to have fellowship with you. It is by fellowship that they can communicate to your mind and heart their ideas. Satan always starts with an idea in your heart or mind.”

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