Censorship is how the radical, lawless Left is marching America into a “one party state” where dissent is criminalized

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Image: Censorship is how the radical, lawless Left is marching America into a “one party state” where dissent is criminalized

(Natural News) Freedom Center founder David Horowitz had his Twitter account suspended the other day for no apparent reason other than the fact that he’s not a lunatic Leftist.

One of the latest incidents of blatant censorship by Big Tech against yet another respectable conservative voice with a large online presence and a considerable following, Horowitz was effectively barred from communicating with his supporters, depriving him of his right to free speech.

In case you’re unfamiliar with him and his Freedom Center, which he founded back in 1968, Horowitz has been a longtime defender and promoter of a free American society which, of course, is predicated upon maintaining our precious First Amendment.

Horowitz believes that the moral, cultural, and economic principles upon which our nation was built are absolutely worth fighting for. He also recognizes that this beautiful foundation is constantly under attack by our enemies, both foreign and domestic – and because he puts action to his words, Horowitz himself is now one of their targets.

Back in the fall, Natural News reported on a spate of economic sabotage that was being propagated by VISA and Mastercard, two anti-American corporations that have been exposed for targeting Horowitz and his Freedom Center by trying to deprive them of access to financial services.

Horowitz himself also took a stand for men’s rights activist Roosh Valizadeh, founder of the Return of Kings blog, who just a few days ago was de-platformed from Instagram and similarly banned from Chase WePay, a payment processing service that he had been using to sell tickets to his various speaking engagements.


Just days later, Horowitz himself would suffer the same social media fate, revealing in a tweet following the reinstatement of his Twitter account how he was negatively impacted by Twitter’s targeting of his account.

“I protested my suspension this morning, and have received an email from Twitter saying it was a ‘mistake,'” Horowitz wrote. “In the meantime I’ve lost my Twitter feed with 62k followers.”

When Twitter restores accounts that it suspended by “mistake,” it often also removes thousands of followers from those accounts

Despite Twitter’s claim that his suspension was some type of glitch, however, Horowitz isn’t buying it – and neither are we, seeing as how we’ve seen this lame excuse before.

It would appear as though the tech geeks working for Twitter arbitrarily decide to just pull the accounts of people and groups they don’t like, hoping that their targets won’t actually fight back. But when they do, these same Twitter brownshirts sometimes reinstate said accounts and simply claim that it was all just an “accident.”

In some cases, Twitter will restore the “mistakenly” suspended accounts, but remove a whole bunch of followers from those accounts, which is what the tech giant did to Mike Morrison’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) parody account.

Rachel Blevins, an independent journalist, was also a victim of this type of purge, having tweeted after the reinstatement of her personal Twitter account following an “erroneous” suspension that nearly 70,000 of her followers had simply vanished.

“Democrats think if you disagree with them on anything it’s hate speech,” Horowitz told Stuart Varney on Fox Business‘ “Varney and Co.” show about this effort to eliminate the online free speech rights of all conservatives, Republicans, supporters of President Trump, and other “politically incorrect” individuals and groups.

“If you want borders, you’re a racist,” he added. “One person’s dissent is another person’s hate speech … We are marching to a one party state.”

For more news about Big Tech’s assault on the United States Constitution, be sure to check out Censorship.news, FirstAmendment.news, and PoliticalCorrectness.news.

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