After the FBI fabricated the Russia collusion hoax, does the agency have any credibility to accuse patriot group leader?

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Image: After the FBI fabricated the Russia collusion hoax, does the agency have any credibility to accuse patriot group leader?

(Natural News) Throughout the “Spygate” scandal involving Deep State players loyal to ringleader Barack Obama, Americans were repeatedly told that ‘rank-and-file members’ of the FBI and Justice Department were solid, patriotic men and women who are dedicated to serving our country.

The problem, we were told, was just a few bad apples at the top.

But is that really true? We ask because, years after Americans whose judgment and ability to reason have not been clouded by Trump Derangement Syndrome found out the Obama regime tried to take out our duly-elected president, nothing has been done to those who are obviously responsible.

Worse, the FBI has now been unleashed on patriotic Americans whose only crime has been to step up and start doing the federal government’s job along the U.S.-Mexico border.

As reported by The National Sentinel, FBI agents have arrested the leader of a New Mexico-based militia, the United Constitutional Patriots, two months after the group began operating along the border with Mexico.

According to the report, UCP members managed to interdict some 5,600 migrants who crossed illegally into the United States, while then handing them over to the U.S. Border Patrol for processing. But instead of commending the group for stepping up and volunteering in service of the country, the FBI arrested its leader, Larry Hopkins, 69, a.k.a. Johnny Horton, on federal weapons charges and conspiracy. 

Now. Just as his group was doing some good.

As noted further by Information Liberation:

In the latest twist in the case of the United Constitutional Patriots, the FBI released allegations from 2017 claiming Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, whom the media is claiming is the “militia leader” of the group, allegedly made some sort of reference to their group “training” to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. They also claim someone called in a “tip” to the FBI’s public tip line telling them just the same.


AG Barr needs to clean FBI and DoJ houses

The fact that Hopkins wasn’t arrested until this week, more than two years after Obama left office, just smells of the same kind of inherent, systemic corruption that plagued the bureau during the James Comey years. This is the same FBI whose director let Hillary Clinton — obviously guilty of criminal mishandling of classified materials — walk. The same bureau whose top counterintelligence official, Peter Strzok, talked of an “insurance policy” to keep POTUS Trump out of office. The same bureau that has failed to act on any Spygate sedition.

Who are we to believe? According to NBC News:

A leader of a New Mexico militia that has been detaining migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border said that the group was “training to assassinate George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama,” according to an FBI agent’s sworn deposition describing reports phoned into the agency’s public tip line.

The bureau’s director and deputy director, Andrew McCabe, lied to cover up Clinton’s crimes. They conspired against POTUS Trump. They mislead the FISA court to secure a spying warrant on a Trump campaign official who had no ‘ties’ to Russia. They fabricated the “collusion” and “obstruction” hoax in which the president was recently ‘cleared.’ (Related: Are Unrecorded FBI Interviews a G-Man’s License to Lie?)

Now, suddenly — as a militia group begins to have some success actually providing the surrounding community and state it serves with some legitimate border security — a federal function — the leader of said group is busted on a nefarious years-old conspiracy based solely on an FBI agent’s ‘sworn deposition?’ 

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was arrested and convicted of ‘lying’ to Strzok and another FBI agent though they initially cleared him of that charge. 

This stinks, pure and simple. We understand that AG William Barr just got settled into his new role but he’s got to assign someone to clean up the FBI and DoJ. Their credibility is zero.

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