SHAME! Apple censors Tiananmen Square protest songs to appease communist Chinese regime… Big Tech goes all-in for communist tyranny

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Image: SHAME! Apple censors Tiananmen Square protest songs to appease communist Chinese regime… Big Tech goes all-in for communist tyranny

(Natural News) The 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre is upon us, and Apple is reportedly celebrating this infamously horrific event by censoring all music from its Apple Music streaming service that makes any mention of the atrocity and who caused it.

Staying true to its newfound alliance with the communist Chinese government, Apple is doing its part to make sure that younger generations of Chinese people remain ignorant about the fact that their communist leaders murdered thousands of innocent people in cold blood, simply for the “crime” of protesting their tyranny.

Breitbart News has reported that a music artist by the name of Jacky Cheung, based out of Hong Kong, recently had one of his songs pulled from Apple Music because it makes mention of the 1989 incident – though all of Cheung’s other songs remain.

“The youth are angry, heaven and earth are weeping,” the now-banned song’s lyrics read. “How did our land become a sea of blood? How did the path home become a path of no return?” the lyrics go on to state, referring to the thousands of innocent Chinese people who lost their lives that fateful day.

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Apple’s information monopoly is facilitating a global digital rewrite of history

Like it’s doing with other content in its iTunes store, Apple’s music censorship efforts are facilitating a massive shift in consciousness away from the truth. By restricting the ability of users to partake in music that talks about real history, Apple is effectively brainwashing Chinese people into believing revisionist lies.


“By removing a song referring the Tiananmen Massacre, Apple is actively participating in the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda of scrubbing the colossal violations it has committed against the Chinese people from collective memory and rewriting history,” is how one analyst from Human Rights Watch put it in a recent tweet.

It’s no longer a secret that Apple has sold its corporate soul to the globalist agenda, which includes flushing down the memory hole all historical information that contradicts what the architects of the New World Order have planned for humanity.

Back in 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook proudly announced that his company had formed a partnership with communist China, which apparently includes transforming the entire world into a massive censorship prison.

“The theme of this conference – developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits – is a vision we at Apple share,” Cook stated during the gathering.

“We are proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace,” he added.

China is persecuting Christians like perhaps never before – which means Apple is also inadvertently persecuting Christians

One wonders if Tim Cook is also proud of his company’s partnership with communist China’s ramping up of Christian persecution, as the communist state is now offering large cash bounties to snitchers who rat out the locations where Chinese Christians gather for fellowship and worship.

It’s actually a crime to be a Christian in China, though Apple has yet to publicly denounce this religious persecution – which we can only assume means Apple is fully onboard with it.

This means that every time a person buys a new iPhone or a Macbook, he or she is indirectly supporting the arrest, torture, and in some cases murder of people who serve Jesus Christ as Lord.

“President Xi Jinping is trying to establish a new order on religion, suppressing its blistering development,” says Ying Fuk Tsang, Director of the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“[The government] aims to regulate the ‘religious market’ as a whole,” Tsang adds.

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