Gun control left an innocent women defenseless against a rapist… Democrats cheer for violence against women and children

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Image: Gun control left an innocent women defenseless against a rapist… Democrats cheer for violence against women and children

(Natural News) It’s been a little over a year since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy was reported to have taken place in Parkland, Florida, and Democrats in Congress are now attempting to “memorialize” it with the passage of more gun control. But not everyone who’s testifying as part of ongoing congressional hearings about the matter is in favor of this anti-gun agenda, including a young woman who says that gun control is the reason she was raped on her college campus.

Savannah Lindquist recently came forward to tell the story of how she could have stopped the perpetrator who raped her while she was still an undergrad, if only her campus hadn’t have been a “gun-free zone.” Lindquist says she knows full well how to use a gun, since her whole family grew up using them, but that she didn’t bring one to school with her out of respect for the administration’s anti-gun policies.

These policies, it turns out, ended up leaving Lindquist completely defenseless on the night when she was raped – a horrific tragedy that she says left her “shattered.” She now wants any American who will listen to know that guns are an important part of self-defense, and that the opposite – banning guns to protect “the children” – will put even more women in danger.

“I was living my dream,” Lindquist, now 24, testified before the House of Representatives. “I had just begun my senior year of college. I was at my dream school with my dream major. I loved my job and was just months away from graduating. I was so excited, especially as a first-generation college student.”


But all of that changed when Lindquist was violated by an aggressor who, likely aware that the school was a “gun-free zone,” knew he could attack her without fear of being shot in return. Had Lindquist had her firearm on her person at the time, she easily could have avoided being raped.

“I am a gun owner and I was one at the time,” she stated. “Yes, I could have broken the law and brought my firearm to college. I obeyed the law as a responsible gun owner and it ended up in me being raped.”

Gun control tyrants benefit from other people owning guns, whether they realize it or not

A similar situation happened to Suzanna Hupp back in 1991. Now referred to infamously as the Luby’s Cafeteria shooting, Hupp watched helplessly as her parents were gunned down and murdered right before her very eyes – another tragedy that could have been prevented, had Hupp been allowed to carry the firearm that, because of oppressive laws in her state, was in her car at the time in order to be legally compliant.

On the other hand, many potential shootings are routinely thwarted because responsible gun owners have firearms on their persons – something that the gun control lobby routinely fails to take into account when assessing what they perceive as the “negative” effects of gun ownership on American society – all the while cheering as they pass laws putting more women and children in harm’s way.

Truth be told, many anti-gun activists have likely been saved from being raped or murdered without even realizing it, thanks to people around them with firearms who defused potentially deadly situations. Even the simple fact that the Second Amendment remains in place acts as a societal deterrent for violence, as criminals know that concealed firearms could be pulled out in an instant to stop them from committing crimes.

“Criminals don’t like armed victims, so they’re far more likely to seek out places where their potential victim is disarmed,” writes Tom Knighton for “You know, places like college campuses.”

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