Mindful education is still part of parenting: Don’t let kids learn about their bodies from product companies

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Image: Mindful education is still part of parenting: Don’t let kids learn about their bodies from product companies

(Natural News) Puberty is the stage where people experience physical changes as well as chemical changes within their bodies. This is where health advertisements come in – deodorants that claim to keep you “fresh-smelling” for 24 hours a day, facial wash that makes your skin look and feel like a baby’s, and those hygiene products that promise to make your privates smell like roses. Companies who make these bath and hygiene products focus on the loophole in human psyche – acceptance – and it’s training young children and adolescents to have a warped perspective of what beauty, or in this case, odor, should be.

Beauty and hygiene advertisements on all kinds of media – television, radio, the Internet – are teaching kids that their bodies are not normal unless they use this and that product. Unfortunately, these advertisements are lies, since the body has its own way of keeping itself beautiful and clean (especially the private parts). Beauty and hygiene come hand-in-hand with nutrition of course, as well as hygienic practices that do not require numerous soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toners, and creams, that only contain harmful chemicals. Children, as young as they can understand English, tend to absorb the information and biases from these commercials, and grow up to be dependent on chemical deodorants, face creams and masks, oral astringents, and other laboratory-created concoctions that only have empty promises.

What these children and adolescents don’t know is that those products can cause more harm than good. Private parts have different potential Hydrogen (pH) levels than the rest of your body – using soaps that do not comply with the pH level of your private part may cause dryness, discoloration, and even allergic reactions that tend to be severe. Facial creams, toners, makeup cleaners, facial washes, and even toothpaste have chemical ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic, or cause different types of cancer. These chemical cocktails tend to be absorbed by the skin as well, and is known to cause various diseases and disorders in the natural functions of the human body system.


The effect of advertisements drive children and adolescents mad later on in life, pursuing dictated beauty standards instead of overall health and well-being. Models who are in the advertisements look unrealistically perfect, and it’s sending the wrong message to everyone. There have been many reports of girls being bullied because they looked “ugly,” some even go far as committing suicide due to being “too flawed.” Others, especially the east Asian population, take the more expensive route, undergoing plastic surgery in order to look like the models they see on television or on the Internet.

Parents should be the first line of defense against these false claims. As much as possible, having children avoid watching those brainwashing ads will help the child create his or her own image of beauty. Without anyone dictating your child, they are able to conceptualize what is right with regards to health, beauty, and hygiene. Adolescents who are anxious about their odor need only to know that the food they eat can improve the odors from sweat. A 2016 study indicates that some foods may help make you perspiration smell less stinkier than usual. These include all kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, and soy. People who eat a lot of carbohydrates tend to smell bad, as shown in the result of the study.

Natural ways are always better. You can teach your children the right way to live and enjoy life by reading the articles at Organics.news.

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