Those who side with Democrats are siding with DEATH, warns Pro-Life Health Ranger

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Image: Those who side with Democrats are siding with DEATH, warns Pro-Life Health Ranger

(Natural News) Democratic lawmakers in two states made huge advances last week in destroying what remains of decent, traditional American culture by either passing or moving closer to passing legislation that allows the destruction of a viable human life right up to a mother’s full term of pregnancy.

Late last month Democrats in New York State shocked the consciences of tens of millions of Americans when they passed, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed, legislation that, according to some experts who’ve read the measure, allows doctors to kill an unborn baby right up to term.

Worse, as NewsTarget reports, the legislation also permits non-physicians to perform abortions, thereby dramatically increasing the number of providers who could be available for the procedure. 

Meanwhile, embattled Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam — currently under fire for a racist photo that appeared on his page in the 1984 edition of his medical school yearbook — could not say in a Wednesday morning interview whether he opposes a bill in his state that sanctions abortion right up until birth. During the interview he even suggested that an infant could be born while the mother and her doctor then discuss what should happen next, which would include killing the newborn, The National Review reported. 

What’s happening to our culture, notes Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is that the Democratic Left, through expanded abortion “rights,” is systematically cheapening the value of human life to the extent that someday they will get to decide who lives and who dies. (Related: Abortion extremists on the Left are going to trigger new Supreme Court restrictions.)


In declaring Natural News a pro-Life publisher, Adams writes:

It’s now clear that if the Democrats could disarm American conservatives and Trump supporters, they would order and carry out a nationwide ethnic cleansing massacre to eliminate conservatives, Christians and patriots. This is who Democrats are: Mass murderers and evil demons who exhibit the exact opposite of “tolerance” or “coexistence.” They can’t even coexist alongside a harmless human infant without wanting to murder it… how much tolerance do you think they really have for people who have political opinions the Left Cult finds “offensive?”

It’s late in the game and the anti-life Left is winning

He goes on to say that Leftist Democratic extremism, when it comes to snuffing out viable life, proves again that Americans should resist, with every means necessary, attempts to disarm the public through further encroachments or outright denial (via a Supreme Court majority) of the Second Amendment.

“We are pro-life,” the Health Ranger boldly declared. “Democrats truly won’t be happy until they murder every last Christian, conservative or Trump supporter in the country. It’s time to realize that’s what they want, and they won’t be stopped by any ‘civil’ method (such as voting at the ballot box or trying to appeal to logic or reason). The only way to stop the DEMONcrats is to force them to stop. 

“Be prepared to defend your life against radical left-wing tyranny. Be prepared to recognize the demons that now inhabit the DEMONcrats, and be prepared to send them all back to Hell, where they originally came from,” he wrote.

It’s taken more than 45 years — since the Supreme Court found a ‘right’ to an abortion hidden somewhere in the Constitution in its horrific 1973 Roe v. Wade decision — for our society to get to the point where at least a plurality of Americans support killing the most helpless and vulnerable among us. But the Democratic Left is as patient as it is relentless; they knew that to get what they ultimately want — the absolute power over life and death — they were going to have to bide their time and move the ball down the field slowly.

Conservatives, pro-lifers, and political independents who are horrified, shocked and offended by Democrats’ blatant disregard for life had better mobilize, and soon, to start moving the ball back the other way, towards rationality and sanity, or the game will be over soon. 


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