An introduction to chronic fatigue syndrome: What it is, how to prevent it, and natural ways to treat it

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Image: An introduction to chronic fatigue syndrome: What it is, how to prevent it, and natural ways to treat it

(Natural News) If you are always tired, even after taking a good long rest, you could be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A Life Force Homeopathy article offered some tips on how to avoid it, as well as natural ways of treating it.

This isn’t any ordinary fatigue. It is a kind of tiredness that cannot be relieved by ordinary resting. It also gets worse if you are physically active, which forces you to cut back on your activities to conserve your dwindling strength.

A person with chronic fatigue syndrome is plagued with recurring bouts of serious exhaustion for more than six months. The patient has no obvious ailment that would explain the weakness.

Resting does not work. Any physical, or even mental activity, makes the person more tired. In addition, he or she cannot focus because of brain fog and low energy levels.

Most cases are never diagnosed. The disorder leaves no clues for physical and medical exams. So chronic fatigue syndrome often goes untreated.

Middle-aged people are especially likely to develop this problem. Women are also more prone to it than men are. (Related: Cannabis oil for chronic fatigue: A teenager says it cured his debilitating illness, has totally regained his quality of life after years of suffering.)

Causes and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Experts are still not sure what causes chronic fatigue syndrome. They have been studying the way the disease works, though, and they have come up with a number of ideas as to what could contribute to it.

The first culprit is an infection. Many patients have reported feeling tired before the other symptoms set in. They have likened it to a bout of influenza or similar viral infection. This feedback suggests that the infectious diseases could be link.

On a similar vein, the immune system of the patient might be having problems protecting him or her from viruses. That would leave the person vulnerable to health disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome.

Another possible reason is stress. If you cannot manage stress, it will overwhelm you.

Rounding off the list of suspects are unbalanced hormones, trauma from physical or mental problems, and lack of sleep. All of these could contribute to the syndrome by themselves or in combination.

In addition to extreme tiredness, disturbed sleep, and brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome has other symptoms. It can cause depression and inflict pain in several different joints and muscles. It is also associated with headaches and sore throats.

Conventional and homeopathic options of treating this disorder

If you believe you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, there are several approaches you can take. The most obvious one is conventional treatment, which is targeted at alleviating the various symptoms of the disorder.

Conventional doctors will recommend pharmaceutical drugs like antidepressants, painkillers, and sleeping pills. While these compounds might improve the symptoms of the disorder, they also have side effects that could cause problems of their own.

The associated stress could be handled by psychological counseling. Patients could pick up ways to cope with sources of stress that would normally exhaust them.

The patient could also change up his or her lifestyle. Recommendations include taking up graded physical exercises, avoiding scenarios that can cause stress, quitting foods that can aggravate exhaustion, finding better ways to relax, and eating healthy foods.

Finally, homeopathy can offer a holistic approach to improving chronic fatigue syndrome. Homeopathic remedies include pills made from natural ingredients that could handle more than one symptoms of the disorder, thereby eliminating the need to take synthetic medicines. has more articles about natural ways of handling chronic fatigue syndrome.

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