Leftists claim killing unborn babies is “reproductive rights” … but what about the rights of the unborn baby girl or boy?

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Image: Leftists claim killing unborn babies is “reproductive rights” … but what about the rights of the unborn baby girl or boy?

(Natural News) Far-left rag Slate recently published a hideous op-ed encouraging women to teach their daughters how to get and “shout” their abortions, citing “reproductive rights” as the “moral” impetus behind the “choice” to murder unborn children in the womb. But what about the rights of all these unborn children who never even get a chance at life?

Leftists never seem to talk about the sanctity of all human life, particularly human life in the womb, which they apparently consider to be nothing more than throwaway “clumps of cells,” or subhuman, second-class citizens at best. The only human life that seems to have any value to leftists is adult human life, and particularly adult human life that adopts far-left, “progressive” viewpoints such as legal abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

Children who attend public schools sometimes have value to leftists, but only when guns are involved in alleged mass shootings that provide, pardon the pun, ammunition for the Left Cult to virtue signal about the “merits” of gun control. School-age humans are mere pawns, in other words, for far-left extremists to try to push their anti-gun agenda – something that unborn human life can’t support, hence why it’s 100 percent expendable to leftists.

The only human life that matters to the far Left, in other words, is other far Left human life that has the potential to be exploited for political purposes. All other human life should be extinguished, according to leftists, because it can’t or won’t contribute to various leftist agendas, and is thus useless and without dignity.


“Back in the 1990s, the Democrat position on abortion – as described by then-president Bill Clinton – was that it should be ‘safe, legal, and rare,'” writes Faith Moore for PJ Media, exposing how things have dramatically changed for the worse in the years since.

“These days, progressive groups tell women to ‘shout your abortion’ in an attempt to ‘normalize’ abortion as simply another healthcare option available to women – a ‘reproductive right’ to be made use of at the woman’s discretion, no questions asked.”

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There’s a reason why the Left Cult is often called the Death Cult

As much as members of the Left Cult would like to pretend as though they’re compassionate humanitarians, the truth of the matter is that they really couldn’t care less about any human life that doesn’t contribute to their far left agendas. And the sad truth is that unborn human life always falls into this category, hence why leftists see no problem terminating it.

Until a child reaches the point of having the mental capacity to be brainwashed into leftist dogma, that child’s life doesn’t matter to leftists. However, once a child reaches the age of being able to attend a government school, that child’s life must be defended at all costs – especially when he or she can be exploited to push leftist doctrines like gun control and abortion for any reason, at any time.

The Left’s latest attempt to push this narrative on both children and adults alike involves making new claims that abortion is “morally neutral” – meaning it doesn’t really matter whether or not a person chooses to get one. This is what will be taught to the next generation of children, by the way, at least the ones that somehow make it out of the womb alive in today’s pro-death culture.

“This stance on abortion – that it is ‘morally neutral’ – is the new frontier in pro-choice activism,” Moore adds.

“For those of us who believe abortion is not ‘morally neutral’ and is, in fact, morally wrong, Klein’s viewpoint is abhorrent. But it would be hard to argue that it is illogical within the framework of the current stance of abortion activists. The reason abortion is morally wrong is because it ends the life of a human being.”

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