Democrats are in charge of the House now, but here’s a list of things they’re NOT going to do even with all the political power in the world

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Image: Democrats are in charge of the House now, but here’s a list of things they’re NOT going to do even with all the political power in the world

(Natural News) Now that Democrats have regained the majority in the House there are a lot of changes coming that are going to be great for their party but terrible for the GOP and POTUS Donald Trump as well as the health and well-being of our republic.

That’s because they are planning on using their newfound power to punish the president and, to a lesser extent his party, for daring to win the White House by beating the most corrupt candidate ever to run for the nation’s highest elected office.

Here are just a few of the most important things that Democrats ought to help Republicans in addressing but won’t because doing so will distract them from their objective of taking down a duly elected president and his family:

Smaller government: Lo and behold, some members of the party were actually criticizing the Trump administration and the then-GOP-controlled Congress for spending too much money. You read that right; Democrats concerned about deficit spending.

To be sure, the debt under POTUS Trump is rising and fast; when national debt doubler Barack Obama left office it stood at about $20 trillion and today it is nearly $22 trillion. During the tax cut debate in the fall of 2017, then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually said, “we are going to borrow [our] children and grandchildren’s future in order to go deeply into debt to fund more tax breaks at the high end.” Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who was just defeated by Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley, added that that the tax legislation was a “debt-inducing, make-rich-people-richer tax bill.” 


On the plus side, POTUS Trump’s administration has been slashing red tape and government bureaucracy at a faster clip than any previous administration. And the president has promised to erase the massive deficit. But here’s a prediction: Democrats won’t do anything to try to curb spending or shrink government. 

Take on the tech giants: As we saw throughout 2018 and into the midterm elections, Big Tech giants Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube worked overtime to ban, censor, or downrate conservative/pro-Trump content and voices. 

But the Big Tech giants are as Left-wing as the Democratic Party. In fact, workers at the tech giants overwhelmingly gave to Democratic candidates in this year’s midterms, continuing a trend that really began with Obama and Hillary Clinton. Prediction: House Democrats aren’t going to bite the hands that feed them. 

Prosecuting the Deep State: Without question, Obama politicized the intelligence community and the Justice Department and FBI during his tenure. That’s how we got Spygate, the most brazen plot to use the power of government to undermine and destroy a rival presidential campaign. 

But of course, if POTUS Trump hadn’t won in 2016 — if Hillary Clinton had become president instead — we would have never known about this massive scandal that is still unfolding. That’s in part because many of the key players, including Obama, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, fired FBI Director James Comey, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and a host of other bad actors all wanted Hillary to win. That’s why they refused to prosecute her for very obviously violating national security statutes by mishandling classified emails.

Now that Democrats are going to control key committees, we can kiss goodbye the still-ongoing Spygate investigations within the House Intelligence, Judiciary, and Government Oversight committees because after all, Democrats are not going to investigate their own. Prediction: Democrats will kill off all remaining Spygate probes and instead turn their efforts against the president — because, you know, revealing his tax returns is far more important to national security and the future of our country than prosecuting those who weaponized our governing institutions for political purposes.

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