Racist New York Times was a holocaust denier, covered up mass genocide of Jews

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Image: Racist New York Times was a holocaust denier, covered up mass genocide of Jews

(Natural News) Long before it hired anti-white racists to its editorial board and published pornographic cartoons mocking our president as if he were a homosexual, The New York Times (NYT) had a reputation for actually maintaining high journalistic standards – the relic of a bygone era, apparently.

What we mean by this is that there was a time when the NYT actually hired real investigative reporters to conduct honest research into truthful events. As late as 1971, in fact, the paper was still concerned about blowing the whistle on things like war crimes, having been the first to publish the infamous Pentagon Papers that exposed a slew of cover-ups and lies perpetrated by the United States government during the Vietnam War.

But the NYT of today is nothing like it was back then. Representing little more than a slanderous rag for spreading leftist propaganda, the NYT has fallen so low that it now sees it as somehow appropriate to publish grotesque cartoons depicting caricatured images of President Trump and Russian President Putin engaged in homosexual behavior with one another – something that never, ever would have been published by the NYT of old.

“There was a time when the sleaziest tabloid in the country would not have published or posted anything as low as this,” writes William B. Stoecker for All News Pipeline about the cartoons, “but that was a time when we still had some moral standards, some remnant of good taste, and something at least resembling a free press.”

“The animation is a clear indication of the low morals of the Trump-hating leftists, of their lack of taste, and of the fact that they (correctly or incorrectly) see Putin as a populist not unlike Trump himself, and, hence, a threat to their cherished dream of a New World Order.”


The lies, deceit, and racism of The New York Times date back at least a century

Going way back, the NYT was caught hiding information about the Nazi extermination of Jews during World War II. Before that, it hired a drug-addicted bisexual and self-professing communist by the name of Walter Duranty to be its Moscow Bureau Chief.

Duranty adored murderous dictator Josef Stalin, and he denied the reality of the Holodomor, or the intentionally engineered Ukrainian famine. While working for the NYT, Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Stalin.

“This is what the elites do: they write articles praising one another as noble statesmen and muck-racking investigative journalists, etc., and give one another meaningless prizes (take a look at the people who’ve been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize over the years),” adds Stoecker.

In more recent years, the NYT sat on a report for over a year that blew the whistle on illegal government spying of citizens. It also hired an unqualified black editor by the name of Jason Blair who couldn’t do his job and had to be fired. It appears that the only reason the NYT even hired Blair is because he had black skin.

So despite its well-recognized name, the NYT is still “fake news,” just like CNN, HuffPost, and many others. Its purpose is to brainwash the public into believing the latest establishment lies, while vilifying all truth-tellers and whistleblowers who try to break the matrix.

“Today the internet is a real alternative to the New York Slimes and the rest of the controlled media,” writes Stoecker.

“Already the elites control many sites, and recently they have begun, incrementally, censoring the patriot sites they do not control. If we let them get away with this, the last few lights will be extinguished and America will be plunged into darkness, and when the henchmen of the elites begin the mass arrests and genocide we won’t even see them coming. It would be better to fight them now…while we can still see our targets.”

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