BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server was hacked by Chinese spies, exposing America’s secrets to communist enemies

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Image: BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server was hacked by Chinese spies, exposing America’s secrets to communist enemies

(Natural News) In Hillary Clinton’s relentless pursuit of secrecy during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State, she set up a private email server she used both in her personal and official capacity, even receiving communications from time to time from the commander-in-chief himself.

As we know from the FBI’s “investigation” into her use of that private server, she mishandled classified information on more than one occasion, fired FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend she be charged by the Justice Department notwithstanding.

Now comes evidence that not only did Clinton mishandle highly secretive information including presidential communications, but that the Chinese government was monitoring her email communications in real time after hacking into her account and planting malicious code that allowed Beijing’s spies to see every email she received as well as her responses.

As reported by The Daily Caller, a Chinese-owned company operating on behalf of the government in Washington, D.C. “hacked [Clinton’s] private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails,” according to two sources who have been briefed on the matter.

The sources were adamant that the hacks were done as part of ongoing Chinese espionage efforts against the United States and its officials. (Related: That time CHINA hacked all of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the FBI…did nothing.)

The DC noted further:

The Chinese wrote code that was embedded in the server, which was kept in Clinton’s residence in upstate New York. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company, according to the sources.


The hacking and malicious code planted by Chinese spies was discovered by the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s (ICIG) office, which said that nearly all of Clinton’s email exchanges were immediately sent to a “foreign entity,” according to Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, who divulged the information during a July 12 House Judiciary Committee hearing in which lawmakers were deposing fired anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The DC noted that two ICIG officials, attorney Janette McMillan and investigator Frank Rucker, met on several occasions with FBI officials to alert them to the Chinese hacking, a former intelligence officer with cybersecurity expertise who was briefed on the findings said.

Why is Hillary still breathing free air?

One of those FBI agents was Strzok, who at the time was the No. 2 counterintelligence official at the bureau. Gohmert noted that Strzok didn’t act on the ICIG’s information.

During the hearing, Gohmert noted that ICIG officials told the disgraced former FBI official and three additional FBI officials of an “anomaly” discovered on Clinton’s server (which means that the Deep State was well aware that she was using one in the first place – did she tell them, or did they just discover it?). The former intel officer who discussed the finding with The DC said the ICIG “discovered the anomaly pretty earlier in 2015.”

“When [the ICIG] did a very deep dive, they found in the actual metadata — the data which is at the header and footer of all the emails — that a copy, a ‘courtesy copy,’ was being sent to a third party and that third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China,” the former intelligence official said.

Initially, the ICIG believed some form of “phishing” was occurring or had occurred. However, “once they got into the server something was embedded. The Chinese are notorious for embedding little surprises like this,” the officer, who would not name the Chinese company, said.

Another source said the Chinese company wasn’t a technology firm but a “front group” for Beijing.

China’s not alone. Strzok also ignored Russian hacking of Clinton’s server, as The National Sentinel reported last week, despite being notified about it by government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

And yet, Clinton continues to breathe free air while Trump associates are being targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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