If you want to be a cat, you can: Scientists can now program LIVING TISSUE into different shapes

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Image: If you want to be a cat, you can: Scientists can now program LIVING TISSUE into different shapes

(Natural News) Progressive leftists insist that conservatives argue in slippery slopes — but evidence repeatedly gives strength to our claims. A new study published in Developmental Cell proves yet again how blasé we are with the human body and how much we attempt to manipulate the natural world. In what the authors describe as “astonishing,” a team of scientists has found a way to hack into living tissue to make it grow and fold in various shapes.

The technique is different from traditional bio-compatible machines because the new process allows cells to grow more or less normally. However, scientists utilized a method called DNA-programmed Assembly of Cells (DPAC) which acts like a guide or template on how the cells should organize themselves. DPAC dramatically simplifies bio-printing and can cause tissue layers to curve or fold in any way the researchers choose.

There are suggestions that by working with nature rather than against it, the team has created a cost-effective and efficient way of creating biological machines in medicine.

But really, who are we kidding?

Let’s not turn a blind eye to the other implications of this research. Having the capability to make actual tissue form into whatever scientists want has more cosmetic impact than you realize. Who is to stop individuals from attaching a third breast or cow horns or a dragon tail on their bodies if they can afford it?

If you think we’re joking, remember Nano, the Norwegian woman who considers herself as a “trans-species” cat. She insists that this is not a phase and that she really is a cat born in the wrong body.

While Nano is content with communicating with her boyfriend by meowing and wearing cat-ear headbands, there are other people who make more radical changes to their appearances. Dennis Avner who was more known as “Stalking Cat” had at least 14 operations to become a cat. This included splitting his top lip, making his ears more pointed, having silicone cheek implants, and having multiple tattoos. He died in 2012. It is believed that he committed suicide.

Avner is not the only one though who believed himself to be something not human. Today, there is a growing number of people who describe themselves as “otherkin.” These are people who believe that they are a different species. This is not limited to the real though; a smaller population of otherkin believe they can be dragons or other mythical creatures.

Take for example, Luis Padron who had multiple cosmetic procedures to look like a real-life elf. This included bleaching his skin and hair and having operations to change his eye color.

Or for the more radical, let’s talk about Vinny Ohh who wants to be a genderless alien. Ohh wants to have its genitals removed but has been warned that it would no longer be able to urinate. Undeterred though, Ohh (who has had more than 110 surgeries) wants to achieve its perfect look.

Including — maybe — real life tissues that can be manipulated into any shape?

The argument against tissue engineering

There is no compass to medical advancement. The technologies we see today are scary. In only a span of a few years, we have been able to achieve so much. But what are we giving away in return?

Mainstream media repeatedly dictates that we should accept those who identify as something not commonly accepted. That is correct to a degree. All humans deserve equality. Nevertheless, we need to take a step back and examine how fast we are pushing science not just for medical benefit but for societal validation.

You can read more stories related to the trans movement at Discoveries.news.

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