The fallacy of fake news

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(Natural News) This is a partial reprinting of “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” available at this link (PDF).

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded (i.e. “The Adams Report”)

The blueprint for how tech giants covertly silence online speech, and how America can fight back against corporate tech monopolists

The push for the outright banning of so-called “fake news” is rooted in the logical fallacy that only one particular institution or group of organizations has a special, divine monopoly on facts. This argument is equivalent to the pre-Magna Carta construct that Kings derived their power from God, and thus Kings had a divine right to order peasants to do their bidding. The King was always presumed to be right, the belief held, because his information was divinely touched and therefore defined what was right vs. wrong.

Today, establishment news institutions claim a similar “divine right” to be the sole arbiters of truth vs. fiction. This claim is, of course, utterly absurd, as those very institutions are largely devoted to fabricating their own news, twisting real-world events, deliberately misleading viewers on relevant topics, blacklisting news stories they don’t want the public to see and otherwise pursuing deceptive and manipulative narratives that are rightly described as the “weaponization” of news for the purpose of thrusting ideas into the minds of the masses so that individuals might make decisions opposed to their own self interest.

The key goal of media monopolists is to thrust ideas into the minds of news consumers that encourage them to take actions which contradict their own self-interest.

In other words, the real purpose of the centrally-controlled news establishment is to prevent citizens from forming their own free conclusions and acting on those conclusions with intelligence and rationality. When independent media sources encourage individual self-aware thinking and skepticism about the establishment interpretation of real-world events, those media sources must be vigorously attacked, smeared and suppress by the establishment in order to eliminate competing narratives that might cause news consumers to “snap out” of their “news hypnosis,” so to speak.


This underscores the power of a single question, such as a child asking, “Why is the Emperor naked?” (A reference to the Emperor Has No Clothes fable.) Because a single question from a non-conforming, non-hypnotized independent source can disrupt the mass influence engineering of conformist crowds, the highest priority of establishment news monopolists must be to silence all opposing voices so that they dare not utter a single question which might challenge the engineered fabrications of the establishment.

The highest priority of news monopolists is to silence independent, opposing voices that encourage individuals to “snap out” of their numbed, passive acquiescence to mainstream news narratives.

Simple questions such as, “Why has the U.S. government never released video footage of a commercial jetliner crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11?” tend to awaken people from their numbed news slumber. Such opening questions may also lead to additional uncomfortable questions that the media absolutely does not want to have to process, such as, “How did the third building crumble to the ground on 9/11 when it wasn’t struck by any airplane at all?” (This question is chosen here precisely because it sets off hysterical alarm bells across the controlled monopolist media which has long tried to bury the very existence of that third building from the minds of the public.)

Continued compliance to false mainstream news narratives requires ongoing, repeated indoctrination and information dominance by propagandists

In essence, censorship of the independent media is a necessary component of the continuous (but fragile) indoctrination of the news consuming public. Just as a stage hypnotist knows that continued compliance with the programmed suggestions requires a supportive, non-confrontational environment which accepts the bizarre actions of the hypnosis subject as “normal,” news monopolists also understand that the success of their own fake news narratives cannot be achieved if there is even a single interruptive voice that pesters the hypnotized masses with provocative questions.

In the realm of hypnosis and NLP, this is called a “pattern interrupt,” and in the world of independent media, Alex Jones is the key “interruptor” due to both the provocative nature of his content as well as his aggressive delivery style. It is precisely this kind of combination of content and delivery that can “snap” people out of a mental slumber. This is exactly why Alex Jones is the No. 1 target of the news monopolists who depend on zero interruptions for the continued success of their disinformation narratives which are packaged as “news.”

Alex Jones is targeted under the accusation of “fake news,” but the real reason he’s attacked is because he interrupts the continuous indoctrination efforts of globalist-run media outlets.

Reiterated, it takes constant repetition of disinformation to lull news consumers into a news trance, but it takes just one interrupter to break the spell and jolt people back to their senses. Alex Jones is the mental “jolt” of modern news, which is exactly why he is directly targeted by the news establishment for immediate termination. The justification for targeting Jones is the claim that he engages in “fake news,” but the real reason for targeting Jones is because he shatters the near-hypnotic influence of media monopolists, causing news consumers to question their reality.

How media monopolists transform a lie into a new “truth”

“Fake news” accusations of the established media monopolists are often supported by citing other established media monopolists. This circular reasoning asserts that because the NYT, for example, is an “authoritative” source, anything appearing in the NYT is automatically true. Even if it is factually in error, this new “truth” is then cited by the Washington Post or CNN in order to spread the falsehood under the cover of “authoritative” news (which is also, of course, put into the highest ranking positions by Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

From there, second-tier propaganda organizations such as BuzzFeed, Politico or Salon craft their own propaganda stories, citing NYT, WashPost and CNN as “authoritative” sources. The lie is further “fact-checked” into existence by Snopes, Politifact or other scurrilous “fact-checking” organizations, nearly all of which are entirely dominated by left-wing bias and technically make a mockery of the very definition of “facts.”

From here, obedient liberals on social media can engage in tweets, Facebook posts, online debates, YouTube video posting or other forms of content distribution, all while citing these “authoritative” news sources and fact-checkers, claiming, “See? It’s all true!”

Through this method, utterly fabricated “facts” can then achieve what propagandists call a “consensus confirmation.” Once a lie has achieved this “consensus,” it is then assumed to be true by the non-logic assertion that if enough people believe something, it must therefore be true.

This assertion is, of course, utterly absurd. At one time, nearly all human beings on the planet believed the Earth was flat. The Flat Earth view had achieved “consensus” and therefore, according to modern left-wing media standards, needed no evidence to back it up. It must be true, the saying went, because almost everybody believed it.

In exactly the same way, the monopolist media has erected outrageous fabrications and achieved “consensus” (majority) agreement on many issues, even when they are rooted in utter nonsense. Examples:

EXAMPLE #1) Nearly all members of the monopolist media — as well as their news consumers — believe that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” which must be eliminated from the atmosphere in order to achieve a more “green” planet. Such an idea makes a complete mockery of legitimate science, botany and atmospheric chemistry, given that CO2 is precisely the molecule that greens the planet by powering the biochemistry of plants.

Technically, CO2 should be called the “greening molecule,” as higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere lead to a resurgence of rainforests, the blooming of flowers in rainforests (, the recapture of arid lands into food producing lands, the accelerated production of food via food crops and many other benefits.

This simple scientific fact seems to have never been acknowledged by any “authoritative” news organization, which is equivalent to the NYT continuing to insist that the Earth is flat.

Example #2) The entire “Russia collusion” hoax — which claimed that the Trump campaign deliberately colluded with “the Russians” to steal the election from Hillary Clinton — is rooted in an elaborate network of shared delusions, deep state fabrications and false beliefs. To date, not a single shred of legitimate evidence has been found that shows such collusion.

Furthermore, the entire media establishment has failed to report the mechanism by which an election could be “stolen” in the first place. Were voting machines hacked? Were voters forced to vote for someone they hate? President Obama himself stated clearly that U.S. elections are “too decentralized” to be stolen. (He made this statement at a time when he and most others believed Clinton could not be defeated.) The claimed influence of a few hundred thousand dollars in Facebook ads is absurd when compared to the nearly $1 billion in campaign funds raised and largely spent by Hillary Clinton (not to mention the 90% pro-Clinton slant of the media itself).

The entire “Russians stole the election” narrative is the greatest example of actual fake news our modern society has ever witnessed. So why isn’t CNN demanding that CNN itself be deplatformed for broadcasting fake news? If verifiable truth is the real measure of news authority, CNN has no authority at all.

Example #3) The entire monopolist media continues to assert three blatant lies about vaccines and immunology: 1) That vaccines are perfectly safe and have no risks whatsoever, 2) That vaccines always save lives and never spread infectious disease, 3) That vaccines are rooted in irrefutable science that no person can question, ever. All three assertions are provable lies.

For example, the U.S. government itself has paid out over $3 billion in damage settlements to families of vaccine-damaged children. (

Government statics contained in the VAERS reporting system openly admit to thousands of children being harmed or killed by vaccines each year ( According to the CDC, vaccines contain numerous ingredients which are well-documented to be neurotoxic substances, including formaldehyde, mercury, monosodium glutamate and many others (

Further, vaccine insert sheets themselves openly admit that certain vaccines may spread infectious disease due to “viral shedding” (

Natural News has published photos of actual flu shot vaccine inserts which unambiguously state that flu shots have “no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza.” ( The same insert sheet states, “Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established.” Yet, the mere publishing of a vaccine insert sheet alongside accurate citing of the words on the sheet now earns you a “fake news” attack by the media monopolists, all of whom ridiculously claim that vaccines have no risks and are universally rooted in irrefutable science which may never be questioned, by decree.

Similarly, the mere publishing of government statistics regarding vaccine injuries and deaths is vigorously attacked by the monopolist media as “fake news” and “anti-science,” even though such reports are rooted in real statistics and irrefutable science.

The vaccine issue alone proves that media monopolists are irreconcilable with “truth” by any reasonable definition of the term. They systematically and repeatedly lie about vaccines, and they go out of their way to smear the reputations of any individual or organization that dares awaken the public to legitimate, science-based questions about vaccine safety, vaccine ingredients or vaccine adverse events.

This is not a left vs. right issue, either. One of the most prominent organizations now questioning the elaborate vaccine cover-up carried out by the CDC-obedient media is none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of the World Mercury Project (

In conclusion, the news establishment’s attack on the independent media as being “fake news” is rooted in the false idea that certain selected human beings have a divine monopoly on truth. This is psychologically impossible, as every human being sees the world through the distortions of their own experience. When a group of distorted individuals forms a news network — such as CNN — the distortions are multiplied, not nullified. Joining a monopolist news network, in other words, does not erase your perceptions and beliefs. If anything, it amplifies them.

The very assertion that one group of human beings who derive their paychecks from centralized, monopolistic news sources have a “divine right” to interpret truth exclusively to their point of view is, itself, fake news. Thus, when CNN proclaims InfoWars to be fake news, CNN makes a mockery of itself by demonstrating the actions of a fake news network that is terrified of being made obsolete by a far more genuine and truthful competitor.

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