Black college professor warns about black-on-black “genocide” and mass murder in Chicago, but the entire left-wing media ignores the reality

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Image: Black college professor warns about black-on-black “genocide” and mass murder in Chicago, but the entire left-wing media ignores the reality

(Natural News) One thing you’ll never hear Black Lives Matter talk about is the number of black lives that are ended by other black lives. It doesn’t fit the narrative, but it’s rampant in places like Chicago, resulting in far more black deaths than police shootings, and yet almost nobody on the left is willing to talk about it.

But Jason D. Hill, a black professor at DePaul University in Chicago, is willing to talk about it. He recently wrote a letter to the president, in fact, asking that federal troops be brought into the windy city to deal with the “festering” problem of “feral thugs and gang-bangers,” as Hill puts it.

Referring to Chicago’s dismal crime statistics using the same “swamp” language as President Trump, Hill explains that homicide rates throughout the Chicago area are out of control, clocking in at 35 percent higher than the national average. He also refers to Chicago as being “ruled by gangs,” since local police are unable or unwilling to maintain civility in the third largest city in the United States.

Hill says roving gangs are both terrorizing local neighborhoods and challenging local authorities. He also says they’re challenging the authority of the office of the presidency by their actions, which is why he believes the president needs to do something to protect the peace.

The “barbaric criminals” that Hill wants to see removed from Chicago have made it common practice to “establish lawless fiefdoms” in which they “[usurp] the law and order on which this republic was built and upon which its continued existence depends, as they kill innocent lives.”


Since sending in federal troops to American territory is technically illegal, Hill wants President Trump to invoke the power of suspending the Posse Comitatus Act, which he believes “unfairly limits” the president’s ability “to use domestic militarization to respond to crises, and send in the resources necessary to stem the violence overturning Chicago.”

Black lives can’t flourish unless law and order is restored to black areas that have been overtaken by crime and violence

Hill’s justification for suspending the Posse Comitatus Act rests largely on his own experience as a poor Jamaican immigrant who came to the U.S. with nothing bout $120 in his pocket and a dream. He tells of how he worked tirelessly to save up enough money for his first semester of college, working up to 45 hours per week while also attending classes for four years.

Hill would graduate magna cum laude and earn a scholarship to pursue a doctorate in philosophy. This is how he ended up in his teaching position today, and yet nowhere along the way did he expect anyone, including the government, to roll out a red carpet for him.

“When I came to this country I promised that, in the name of the best within me, I would cultivate the American virtues of individualism and personal excellence and take advantage of the opportunities that lay before me,” Hill writes.

“These virtues would guide my actions and serve as the only legitimate currency to purchase a life that would be worthy of an American. And I would extend the American ethos of benevolence and goodwill to others, and expected it to be reciprocated. The America I have come to know and love as an American citizen is a country predicated on mutual exchange.”

How this relates to the president sending in troops to recapture thug-stolen territory is that Hill wants to see other blacks like himself be given a chance to make their own “covenant with America.” He wants to see more young black lives take the education route rather than the gang route, which won’t happen unless law and order is restored to Chicago.

You can read Hill’s full letter to President Trump at this link. Read more news about genocide against blacks at

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