From swallowing condoms for fun to this? Dangerous internet craze teaches kids how to remove scar tissue using a rubber band

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Image: From swallowing condoms for fun to this? Dangerous internet craze teaches kids how to remove scar tissue using a rubber band

(Natural News) The Internet is full of crazy “medical discoveries” by non-professionals. Recently, a new craze was started by some YouTubers who teach their viewers how to remove scar tissue using a rubber band.

Essentially, scar tissue is made up of keloids which are irregularly shaped skin cells that heap above the normal skin. It is quite normal, across all skin types, with one out of every 10 people having at least one. While doctors are yet to find out exactly how keloids form, experts relate it to the “alteration in the cellular signals that control proliferation and inflammation.”

In this crazy new trend, people are tying the heaped-up skin in rubber bands to stop the blood from flowing to that specific area of the body. According to those who have made these dangerous videos — some even have more than 150,000 views — by cutting off the blood supply, the keloid will turn black and eventually fall off from the skin.

Health experts say that this procedure is not safe and may lead to more serious problems. Dermatologist, Dr. Anton Alexandroff, said the method is “unhelpful,” “very painful,” and can cause infection. (Related: Bored with eating Tide pods, moronic youth are now snorting CONDOMS on YouTube to get attention.)

He added, “It can also result in further disfigurement in certain areas because it can cause necrosis [cell or tissue death] in an uncontrollable and unpredictable way.” Dr. Alexandroff stated that even after removing keloids, there is a high chance they will grow again, and sometimes even grow bigger than they were originally.


Meanwhile, Dr. Jared Leibman from Einstein Healthcare Network revealed that removing scar tissues on your own may result in an infection of the cartilage as it is left exposed. This can cause further deformities and may need more aggressive surgical solutions to treat it or have that particular part removed.

According to experts, there are many other tested ways to get rid of scar tissues. There are compression clips, gels, injections, and surgeries available to remove or at least shrink keloids. Moreover, seeking the assistance of a medical professional not only reduces the risk of serious infection, but will also provide correct recommendations based on a person’s personal and family history of scar tissues.

Keloids are common among people aged between 10 and 30 years old. According to studies, they can affect any part of the body but are more usually found in the upper chest, the shoulders, and back part of the body. As stated above, there is no exact explanation yet behind the formation of keloids; however, field experts suggest that the risk of developing scar tissues may be reduced by avoiding tattoos, piercings, or any other procedure that can cause skin trauma.

In conclusion, trying to remove scar tissues without the assistance of a doctor is risky and is highly discouraged by experts. And although the Internet may seem to have all the solutions to basic problems, consulting a professional is the better way to go to ensure one’s safety.

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