Pro-Second Amendment rallies to be held in all state capitols April 14

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Image: Pro-Second Amendment rallies to be held in all state capitols April 14

(Natural News) Amid the constant clamor for more gun control, outright gun bans, attacks against the gun industry, and the indoctrination of our youth to see the Second Amendment as a danger rather than a civil right, organizers have planned a national day of celebrating and defending our “right to keep and bear arms.”

An organization calling itself Americans for America has called for pro-gun rallies in every state capitol on Saturday, April 14, as a means of celebrating the one right in the Constitution that allows for the defense of every other one.

“We invite everyone, including the media, to join us for an open conversation about the importance of protecting the Second Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights!” says an event flyer posted to the website of OathKeepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders,  who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“The open carry of long guns is not suggested, this is about unity not force,” the flyer continues. “Those of all ethnicities, religions, and political beliefs are welcome. No extremists will be tolerated! Bring your flags, signs, banners and high spirits and spend the afternoon amongst like-minded, 2A loving Americans.”

Sponsored by the OathKeepers and the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, or NCCPA, the event will no doubt be panned by the Alt-Left media, if or when local events are covered at all, because the only good gun to them are those that the military and law enforcement possess, and the only constitutional right really worth defending is the First Amendment (but just for them).


Pro-gun Americans who are genuinely concerned about the sanctity and preservation of their right to keep and bear arms should stage and attend more of these events. Imagine if such rallies drew the attention of the president of the United States; imagine if Trump were to even attend one of them. What a ringing endorsement that would represent.

And what a major setback it would be for the Left’s non-stop efforts to strip us of an inalienable right. (Related: The new Left: Unleashing economic warfare to SILENCE conservative voices and BAN guns)

Frankly, rallies like this one can’t come quickly enough or be staged often enough. Just this week Bank of America announced it would stop making loans to makers of “military-style” “assault weapons,” despite the fact that by the FBI’s own stats, rifles kill far fewer people per year than handguns or knives. 

Here are some truth bombs regarding “military-style” rifles:

— In 2010, the FBI reports that just 367 people were murdered with a rifle — not simply one type of rifle. The figures continued to drop steadily; by 2014 just 248 people were shot and killed with a rifle.

— Compare those figures with these handgun rates: In 2010, 6,115 people were murdered with a pistol. That number peaked in 2012 at 6,404 but fell to 5,562 by 2014.

— Americans are nearly five times more likely to be killed with a knife or “cutting instrument” than they are a “military-style” firearm. The FBI notes that 1,604 people were killed with a knife or cutting instrument in 2016, while 374 were killed with rifles.

In September 2014, even The New York Times admitted anyone who believes ‘assault weapons’ are responsible for the majority of gun deaths in America had succumbed to a “myth.”

Actually, Americans who believe in the myth have been brainwashed by Marxist propaganda peddlers who have no interest in preserving and defending the one constitutional right that keeps them from extinguishing all others.

The right to keep and bear arms is no less important or worth defending than every other constitutional right, those written by our founders and those added since. 

That’s what makes these upcoming rallies so significant. It’s time gun owners stood up to the gun-banners.

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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