Investigative journalist Ben Swann confirms conspiracy facts surrounding censorship of Health Ranger, InfoWars content by YouTube, Facebook, Google

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Image: Investigative journalist Ben Swann confirms conspiracy facts surrounding censorship of Health Ranger, InfoWars content by YouTube, Facebook, Google

(Natural News) In recent weeks independent and alternative media outlets and their content creators have been sounding the alarm over censorship actions undertaken by Left-leaning social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, and others.

In many instances, the social media sites weren’t just censoring content, they were taking down entire channels and with them removing complete video and content libraries that often contained hundreds or thousands of programs — all under the guise of ‘combating hate speech’ and ‘fake news.’

Targets of this censorship included Natural News Network founder/editor Mike Adams, whose Health Ranger channel on YouTube has been completely eradicated. Also included was Alex Jones, creator of

Their warnings were met with criticism, doubt, and derision in many media quarters, but as it turns out, they were not only right, they were just the tip of the censorship iceberg. As noted by investigative journalist Ben Swann via All News Pipeline, there is indeed a concerted effort by the Alt-Left social media giants to deep-six conservative, independent voices of liberty as part of an overall effort to silence their voices. (Related: Health Ranger announces as “the answer to YouTube censorship” … bypass tyranny and censorship with p2p file sharing.)

“Is there an Internet purge of conservative voices or voices of dissension online?” Swann begins in a recent “Reality Check” report on the issue. “Some say yes, and the purge is being pushed by YouTube, owned by Google, by Facebook, and by Twitter.”


Swann then went on to note that, in Jones’ case, he set up an alternative YouTube channel after his original channel was shut down for the third time in one week by the site’s regulators — only to have the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center demand that the new one be shut down as well.

The Reality Check host said YouTube did confirm that some advertisers asked not to be included on Jones’ channel, but that “at present” there were no plans to pull it offline.

“Of course, all of this comes after YouTube announced in December that it would hire some 10,000 new moderators to flag content,” Swann reported. “And those moderators have been flagging at a stunning rate.”

He noted further that in several cases the moderators were pulling entire channels “without any advance warning” whatsoever, and that most of those channels were deemed “either pro-gun or conservative.”

Swann quoted a report from The Verge which said:

YouTube indicated that as the platform ramps up human-powered moderation efforts, new moderators may have mistakenly removed or flagged right-wing videos and channels. Bloomberg reported the news…quoting a YouTube spokesperson saying that “as we work to hire rapidly and ramp up our policy enforcement teams throughout 2018, newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals.” The spokesperson said that YouTube’s policies had not changed, and that “we’ll reinstate any videos removed in error.”

To date, the original Alex Jones and Health Ranger/Natural News channels on YouTube remain offline, leading rational people to believe that suddenly the content on those channels are a violation of “YouTube policies” — otherwise they’d have been reinstated by now.

“Ah, so it’s not a conspiracy,” Swann reported. “There is no question that, in fact, human moderators were pulling down ‘right-wing’ or conservative content. The question is why.”

Swann then recounted that a 30-second video of an actual Antifa protest — where demonstrators were calling for armed action against opponents — posted by fellow investigative journalist Mike Cernovich was also removed as a “violation” of “community policies.”

“No, YouTube, that’s news,” Swann said, before noting that Adams’ and Jones’ channels have also been removed.

Swann’s investigation found evidence of a coordinated effort by Alt-Left groups SPLC and Media Matters for America to silence conservative voices — to ban them from the public area of ideas — just like the Nazis once burned books and Stalin purged his country of intellectuals who could challenge his authority.

There is a sustained purge taking place, and it has become obvious.


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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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