7 “extra” items for your bugout bag that would be nice to have in any emergency

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Image: 7 “extra” items for your bugout bag that would be nice to have in any emergency

(Natural News) Not all bugout bags are created equal. After all, every individual has his or her own preferences when it comes to what stuff to carry in times of emergency. However, in almost all cases, the basics are largely the same among those that do use bugout bags. It’s really in the “extra” stuff that people tend to express their differences.

In a recent piece, PreppersSurvive.com listed seven bugout bag items that will allow you to express yourself that much better — that is, they will help you to do more than just to survive, but also to thrive. (h/t to PreppersSurvive.com).

1. Dry bag — A dry bag is designed to do one thing first and foremost: keep water out. So you can probably imagine how many different situations it can prove itself useful in. Whether you’re trying to prevent things like rust, mold, or ruined electronics, a good dry bag can do you wonders. As a side benefit, a dry bag can also be used as a water container that won’t leak anything out. Again, they may be designed to keep water out, but they also do a wonderful job of keeping water in.

2. Leather pot holder — Often overlooked, the leather pot holder is one of the nicest “nice to have” items that you can bring with you in your bug out bag — mainly because it adds an extra bit of convenience if you’re the type to cook over a fire if there’s time. It’s not unusual for some people to pack their bug out bags with cooking kits, and a leather pot holder should be the one “extra” thing that should be brought along.


3. Reusable tea bag — Here’s one thing that most people never even think about: reusable tea bags will allow you to drink your favorite kind of tea whenever possible, which would undoubtedly improve your mood and general feeling in most situations. The advantage of using reusable tea bags is that they make it so easy to just have tea while you’re on the go. That’s a great alternative to drinking water, especially if the water’s taste isn’t to your liking.

4. Shelter items — In order to better ensure your long-term survival, consider grabbing shelter items if you can. Things like a tent, survival blanket and a sleeping bag would be among the most useful extra items you can bring in order to increase your levels of comfort as you spend your time in the outdoors. These items will give you shelter and warmth and help you cope with almost any living situation better than if you didn’t have them with you.

5. Solar recharging kit — One of these is enough to power a mobile device or two for a couple of days, at least. When used properly, it can be the source of power for all sorts of gadgets like radios and flashlights, which are of course quite useful in survival situations. Most models also feature foldable panels and compact sizes so that you can carry them almost anywhere with ease.

6. Currency — If you’re in a survival situation, money is probably the last thing that you should worry about. But it never hurts to have some extra currency on hand, even in the face of an oncoming economic collapse.

7. Memory tin kit  Your body is a temple, and the thing that makes you whole for the most part, is your connection with all of your past, present, and future life experiences. And that’s something that you can only appreciate fully by looking through your memories, which is why it can be highly beneficial to have some sort of memory tin kit to carry certain mementos with you. Not only will you have certain things to keep you company and entertain you during your lowest points, but you can also use the items in your memory tin kit to stay in touch with your emotions and keep your humanity intact. In desperate times, this can be useful for your long-term survival.

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