Believing in “progressivism” requires the complete abandonment of reality, logic, science and reason
02/11/2018 // Mike Adams // Views

To believe the narratives of liberalism, you are required to utterly abandon reality, logic, science and reason. In this article, I'll demonstrate that with a selection of compelling examples.

We'll begin the irrefutable fact that the Winter Olympics now allows biological men to compete as "women" against actual women, allowing individuals with male bone structure, male musculature, and male physical development to defeat women in competition, claiming gold medals as "women."

This is, of course, incredibly stupid and delusional. It's also wholly unfair to women, but that never seemed to bother "progressives."

As explains, "The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed that it would allow transgender athletes to compete in whatever category they wish to participate in during the 2018 Winter Olympics..."

This outright abuse of female athletes by biological men is, ironically, being carried out in the name of "progressivism" and "tolerance." Yes, if you don't tolerate biological men beating the crap out of women at some future Olympics wrestling event (or any other event), then you are an intolerant bigot. In this way, the Olympics has become a tool of the deranged, anti-science Left that requires people to believe in imaginary things or risk being called a person of "hate."

Under the delusional banner of "progressivism," it won't be long before no actual women win "women's events" anymore... the medals will go to MEN who are pretending to be women. This is how liberals actually view so-called "women's rights" -- as something to be deployed against women so that men can beat them into submission at the Olympics. Imagine a future where biological women never win any medals at all. This will be accomplished in the name of "social justice" by the very same left-leaning morons who routinely accuse Republicans of waging a "war on women."


It won't be long, by the way, before the very idea of a separate competitive category for women will be decried as "sexist." After all, according to progressives, women and men have no differences whatsoever. Thus, we will be told that men and women should all compete in the same category in, say, olympic boxing, martial arts or even weight lifting competitions.

By the very same logic, liberals must now believe there is no such thing as a wife beater because the bigger, stronger male of the household who beats up his female counterpart can simply tell police that he self-identifies as a woman, thus it's just a "cat fight" and not a wife beating. That's the new delusional logic of the deranged Left.

The same liberal lunatics, by the way, also believe that women should not have their own bathrooms because that would be "intolerant" toward creepy pervert males who want to stalk women in women's restrooms. Somehow, in the minds of Leftists, opening up women's restrooms to biological men is all part of "feminism." (Huh?) (See more examples of the lunatic CULTISM of the Left at

Leftists love large cities where destitute populations are practically swimming in human feces

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, is the world's largest city without a sewer system. Over 2.6 million people live in the greater metropolitan area, and all the raw human sewage they flush goes into actual (literal) "crapholes" which are bucketed out by government workers on a daily basis. Yes, in Haiti, government workers literally scoop buckets of human s##t out of a hole in the ground. The utter lack of sanitation, not surprisingly, spreads diseases like cholera, which has reportedly killed over 7,000 people there in just the last 18 months.

As left-leaning NPR describes it, "The cumulative sewage of 3 million people flows through open ditches. It mixes with ubiquitous piles of garbage. Each night, an all-but-invisible army of workers called bayakou descend into man-sized holes with buckets to remove human waste from septic pits and latrines, then dump it into the canals that cut through the city."

Yet somehow liberals still Haiti is somehow not a "s##thole."

Bill Maher, one of the many far-left cranks who attempt to brainwash gullible leftists into believing incredibly stupid and contradictory things, thinks Haiti is awesome. That's why he touts a T-shirt that reads, "HAITI is Great Already," attempting to take a swipe at President Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

Is Bill Maher actually trying to claim that Haiti is a better country than the United States of America? It seems so:

Just how great is Haiti, exactly? This photo shows you the unique combination of mass pollution, consumer trash, human waste, despotism and "awesomeness" that can only come from putting leftists in charge of society:

See more photos of the Haiti s##thole (and hilarious mockery of Conan O'Brien) by Paul Joseph Watson at this link.

This is the definition of "great" according to liberals. These are the same liberals, mind you, who refused to clap at the State of the Union Address when Trump mentioned the record low unemployment for African-Americans that has been achieved in today's booming economy.

Just to be clear, when black people live in filth and sewage in Haiti, that's "great" to Leftists. But when American black folks get paying jobs and earn more wages than ever before, that's not even worth applauding. Would Democrats be happier if Detroit looked like Haiti? (Give it another 10 years, and it just might...)

Bringing this back to the point of this article, always keep in mind that in order to believe Left-wing narratives, you must wholeheartedly proclaim that a horribly corrupt, filthy, third-world s##thole country is a radiant utopia of awesomeness. Yet have you noticed that no Leftists are scrambling to move to Haiti and live in all that filth?

The delusional transgender theology requires that you believe emotions are real, but biology is imaginary

Not only does being a liberal require that you praise actual s##tholes as being awesome and "great," you're also required to believe that emotions are real, but biology is imaginary.

A thought provoking book has just been published, entitled, "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment." The book is authored by Ryan T. Anderson who correctly points out the following contradiction in the "theology" of LGBT delusional thinking: (via The Daily Signal)

...[A]t the heart of the transgender moment are radical ideas about the human person—in particular, that people are what they claim to be, regardless of contrary evidence. A transgender boy is a boy, not merely a girl who identifies as a boy...

...the rhetoric of the transgender moment drips with ontological assertions: People are the gender they prefer to be. That’s the claim...

Transgender activists don’t admit that this is a metaphysical claim. They don’t want to have the debate on the level of philosophy, so they dress it up as a scientific and medical claim. And they’ve co-opted many professional associations for their cause.

[T]he argument recently was that gender is only a social construct, while sex is a biological reality. Now, activists claim that gender identity is destiny, while biological sex is the social construct...

The thinking of transgender activists is inherently confused and filled with internal contradictions. Activists never acknowledge those contradictions. Instead, they opportunistically rely on whichever claim is useful at any given moment.

On the one hand, they claim that the real self is something other than the physical body, in a new form of Gnostic dualism, yet at the same time they embrace a materialist philosophy in which only the material world exists. They say that gender is purely a social construct, while asserting that a person can be “trapped” in the wrong gender.

They say there are no meaningful differences between man and woman, yet they rely on rigid sex stereotypes to argue that “gender identity” is real, while human embodiment is not. They claim that truth is whatever a person says it is, yet they believe there’s a real self to be discovered inside that person.

They promote a radical expressive individualism in which people are free to do whatever they want and define the truth however they wish, yet they try ruthlessly to enforce acceptance of transgender ideology.

It’s hard to see how these contradictory positions can be combined. If you pull too hard on any one thread of transgender ideology, the whole tapestry comes unraveled.

According to the Left, creepy old guys can "self-identify" as 13-year-old girls and join those girls in the showers at gym class

In his essay, Anderson also asks the most important question of all ... the same question I've been asking for quite some time: Where does the "self-identity" delusion end? Can a 60-year-old man claim to be a 13-year-old girl? Can a human being claim to be a rare spotted owl and demand special protections under the Endangered Species Act? As Anderson writes:

If those who identify as transgender are the sex with which they identify, why doesn’t that apply to other attributes or categories of being? What about people who identify as animals, or able-bodied people who identify as disabled? Do all of these self-professed identities determine reality? If not, why not?

And should these people receive medical treatment to transform their bodies to accord with their minds? Why accept transgender “reality,” but not trans-racial, trans-species, and trans-abled reality? The challenge for activists is to explain why a person’s “real” sex is determined by an inner “gender identity,” but age and height and race and species are not determined by an inner sense of identity.

To dutifully follow liberal ideology, in other words, you have to suspend evidence of reality and embrace a hodge-podge of contradictory "truisms" which are patently false in the real world. You have to simultaneously believe that physical biology is imaginary while insisting that wishes are facts. More importantly, you also have to believe that everyone has the freedom to be whatever they want to be except for people who disagree with you, for those people have no right to speak, engage in debate or question your delusional reality.

Read more of Anderson's thoughtful essay at The Daily Signal.

If you're keeping track so far, by the way, here's the summary: In order to be an obedient Leftist, you have to believe that biological men should win all the gold medals in women's events at the Olympics, that a third-world s##thole city where residents are swimming in human filth is "great," and that biological reality is imaginary but gender wishes are "real."

It gets even crazier, by the way, when you dare set foot in the realm of actual science...

According to the Left, the greening molecule that supports all plant life on planet Earth is a "pollutant" that must be eliminated

Here's the final example for this story. As a real scientist who runs an environmental science lab ( I know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is critical for the "greening" of the planet. It's the most important nutrient molecule for nearly all plants, and without it, planet Earth would be nearly devoid of all complex life.

Carbon dioxide boosts reforestation, food crop production and the reclaiming of deserts. Higher CO2 means faster plant growth, more lush rainforests and even a higher number of blooming flowers throughout the forests of the world, as recent science has demonstrated. Without CO2, the web of life would nearly collapse across our planet, and both humans and animals would be wiped out.

Yet, to the astonishment of all intelligent scientists everywhere, "progressives" are so brainwashed that they actually believe CO2 is a pollutant that's bad for the planet. This absurdly stupid belief has been pushed by Al Gore, Barack Obama and even Leonardo DiCaprio, a "famous person" who has no real scientific training whatsoever, a fact that becomes immediately obvious the instant he opens his mouth to utter complete nonsense about climate change.

The fact that the single most important plant-nourishing molecule in our atmosphere has been demonized by the Left as a "pollutant" tells you everything you need to know about the unprecedented stupidity and reality disconnect of progressivism. To be a "progressive," you literally have to wall off large regions of your brain and allow your beliefs to be ruled by social conformity rather than reason and logic. This is the secret to being a progressive (or voting for Democrats). If you accidentally allow your entire brain to function all at once, you will quickly snap out of the lunacy of Leftism and realize how incredibly stupid you've been.

That's why left-wing brainwashing must be repeated on a daily basis by a combination of left-wing news indoctrination (Rachel Maddow) and late-night "hate" brainwashing (Jimmy Kimmel). This twice-a-day dose of stupidity and irrationality is necessary to keep Leftists cognitive immersed in the progressive agenda that blatantly contradicts observable reality and even plain common sense.

If "progressives" were disconnected from left-wing indoctrination sources for just one week, they would snap out of their stupidity

Think about it: How do you convince an entire population that men are women? You brainwash them with daily fake news and nightly "hate comedy." How do you make sure that the gullible masses believe the entire planet is being destroyed by a molecule that actually breathes life into rainforests, food crops and plants everywhere? You hammer them with fake science, fake media programming and social media censorship of independent news sources.

The Left's mass brainwashing of the population requires a steady combination of news programming, hate indoctrination and online censorship to make sure that progressives never encounter opposing views. It is a technology info-dictatorship built on social influence and narrative engineering. No "progressive" can be allowed to think for themselves for even one day, or they might realize that men are not women, for example. All it takes is one realization to shatter the "Truman Show" artificial reality of the Left.

Progressivism is really just COMMUNISM

At closer inspection, "progressivism" is really just communism. Nearly all the demands are the same: Equality. Government-run education. The elimination of religion. The worship of the State. The murder of political opponents. The weaponization of the deep state into a KGB-style police state apparatus. The planned destruction of the family. The economic punishment of innovators and small business entrepreneurs. The weaponization of the IRS to target political enemies. These are all old Soviet Union-style KGB tactics for the systematic destruction of a free society followed by a communist takeover.

Watch this 2014 speech from Joel Gilbert to learn more:

See more at

Read these websites to stay informed on the true insanity of the deranged, delusional Left

The Left is a dangerously radicalized, deranged cult that now threatens the very future of our civilization. If we all hope to live in a society rooted in reason, civility and liberty, the defeat of the political Left is absolutely essential for our survival.

Here are some websites that may help you stay informed: covers the cultism of the lunatic Left. documents the crybully tactics of "victimhood" pushed by leftists. reveals the growing lunacy and mass mental illness of left-wing college students (and their radical professors). covers the Left's terrorism wing known as "Antifa," which openly calls for murdering conservatives.



Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called "Food Forensics"), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.

Mike Adams also serves as the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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