The Left thinks black people are STUPID… see proof (video)

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Image: The Left thinks black people are STUPID… see proof (video)

(Natural News) It’s amazing the level of pandering that the Democratic Party is willing to stoop to in order to buy the votes it needs to win elections. Many of those it panders to are obviously ignorant to the fact that they’re being manipulated – hence why this tactic works – but Candace Owens certainly isn’t one of them.

The young African-American used to be a liberal – and says she was duped into voting for Barack Obama the first time around back in 2008. But she’s since awakened to the reality that the left couldn’t care less about black people (or anyone else for that matter), and only pays lip service in order to garner fake support.

In a new video posted to her YouTube page, RedBlackPill, the conservative sensation outlines her grievances with the left, giving three prominent examples to show that Democrat politicians obviously think black people are stupid.

Here’s a direct link to YouTube where you can watch Owens’s video, entitled “The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid.”

1) Hillary Clinton claims she loves hot sauce

Owens’s first example is that time when then-candidate Hillary Clinton was interviewed on a black radio show. When asked about one of the things she always keeps on her person, Clinton replied, “hot sauce.” Shocked, the hosts ask if Clinton is being serious, to which she half-screeches, “yes.”

The hosts then banter with Clinton about how this seems like political pandering to garner the black vote, to which Clinton cackles, and quickly asks, “well, is it working?”


“I just want to sit in on a DNC strategy session: ‘okay, here’s how we get the Latino vote: Empanadas. I’ll say that I love empanadas,'” Owens jokes about this obvious insult to the intelligence of blacks. “I ‘bailando’ to Enrique Iglesias. Okay, here’s how we’re going to get the Irish vote: POTATOES!”

2) Hillary Clinton pretends to be a Jay-Z fan days before the 2016 election

In a last-ditch effort to sway over as many black votes as she could, Hillary Clinton appeared at a Jay-Z concert pretending to be a fan. Though she probably couldn’t name a single Jay-Z album, Clinton got the optical she wanted, which Owens was furious to witness.

“(It is) so insulting it actually pisses me off,” Owens comments about this embarrassingly cringe-worthy spectacle. “[Hillary Clinton] doesn’t even think she needs to speak to us about what is happening in our community and how she’s going to fix it.”

3) Mr. “Change” Barack Obama getting the black vote simply because of his dark skin

When Barack Obama first ran for president back in ’08, he didn’t even need to pretend to love hot sauce in order to win. His mere existence as a darker-toned candidate was enough to sway millions of black people to vote for him, which Owens finds ridiculous.

“Yes! A black president! Now I can die a happy death! This means progress because his skin is black like mine,” she jokes, noting that she was once suckered by Obama for the same reasons. Breaking free from the shackles of Democratic brainwashing, however, has led her to see the light – and she says she will never again be fooled.

“I want to be very clear on the takeaway here: the left thinks black people are stupid,” Owens concludes in her video. “They rely on our interests: hip-hop, culture, music, and hot sauce apparently – to distract us from the truth, which is that we are, in fact, ignorant. We are ignorant because we do not know our own history. We are ignorant because the left controls the academia, the media, and Hollywood.”

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