The TOP 10 most DESPICABLE people (and institutions and movements) of 2017

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(Natural News) This past year has been a whirlwind as far as news cycles go, with stories breaking daily exposing crimes, corruption and generally despicable behavior among Hollywood elites, academics, politicians and agents and officials of some of the country’s once-highly-respected institutions.

So to ‘commemorate’ (not celebrate) some of those people, we thought it would be appropriate to close out the year with special mentions of the worst of the worst. Without further ado and in no particular order, we bring you the top TEN Most Despicable People (and Institutions and Movements) of the Year:

1. Harvey Weinstein: Okay, I said that this list would not be in any particular order, but you have to admit that when asked for their own ‘most despicable’ list, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein would be at the top of most people’s lists. As you know, Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women regarding behavior that allegedly occurred over the course of decades. What’s also true is that Weinstein hasn’t really denied any of them. Rather, he’s merely said he “needs help” and that he’s “trying to do better.”

But Weinstein also tops this list because, in addition to being a lecherous so-and-so, he just wasn’t a good person to begin with. He has been known to abuse staff, acquaintances and others verbally and physically as well.

Here’s a dishonorable mention in the Weinstein category: Anyone and everyone who long knew of Weinstein’s behavior, sexually and otherwise, but neglected to call him out for it or go public long before now.


2. Peter Strzok: He’s not the first agent to bring disgrace and dishonor to the FBI, but he’s certainly the latest and he may be the most despicable. Strzok, for those of you who don’t yet know his name, exchanged text messages with his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, seemingly discussing a plot to keep then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump from beating Hillary Clinton, and then undermining President Donald J. Trump after taking office. He referred to the scheme as an “insurance policy” in case Trump won. For brownie points, Strzok also assisted former FBI Director James Comey in clearing Hillary Clinton of obvious violations of statutes governing the handling of classified materials, likely because they believed they’d be working for her instead of Trump.

3. Andrew McCabe: Strzok mentioned in his texts discussing the “insurance policy” in “Andy’s office” — politicos believe that to be FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who, if true, is in on the plot to undermine and subjugate the duly-elected president of the United States.

This is treason, nothing less.

4. James Comey: This Deep State insider decided months in advance he was going to clear Hillary of wrongdoing, despite her obvious guilt, and long before anyone from his bureau even interviewed her. What’s more, he intentionally dialed back language in a statement he read to the press in July 2016 exonerating Clinton so it would not contain legally actionable language.

Comey, too, believed that he’d be working for a President Hillary Clinton, as he and the others in this little FBI cabal believed that Trump didn’t have a prayer at winning.

5. President Barack Obama: The one person who could have put an end to all of this scheming was very likely involved in it to some degree, as everyone who was involved in the plot to undermine and sabotage Trump worked for him: That would be Obama, the least-mentioned figure in all of this mess. Obama orchestrated the greatest political espionage scandal in our history and yet he’s gotten off scot-free.

Obama did much more than this while in office but again, we’re just limiting this list to 2017.

6. Kelly Oakes: A science editor for the far-Left website Buzzfeed, Kelly Oakes made waves just recently by tweeting — and then removing — her No. 1 Christmas wish: Full-on communism in America. Now mind you, anyone living under Western-style democracy has no freaking idea what life is like under the shackles of authoritarian communism. ‘Equality’ under this failed economic system goes something like this: Everyone is equally miserable (and poor — did I mention poverty?). Plus, let us never forget that during the 20th century, communism was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million in places like China, the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and a few others, according to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

Dishonorable mention: Oakes is the second Buzzfeed staffer to pine for communism: Blake Montgomery, the site’s tech and protest reporter, pined for it in November.

7. Buzzfeed: Let’s just stay put. Buzzfeed’s editor, Ben Smith, decided in January to publish in full the now-infamous “Trump dossier,” none of which could be verified despite the fact that it had circulated in Washington media circles for months before the election. Smith fell back on the old media excuse that the “public has a right to know,” even though publication of the document came with repeated statements about how nothing has been verified.

For Smith’s lame attempt at providing us a ‘public service,’ this despicable is getting sued.

8. Jimmy Kimmel: The not-so-funny funnyman and late-night host has decided that trashing Trump and Republicans by spreading lies about their agenda is better than actually entertaining people.

What makes him so despicable is the fact that he’s so obviously and intentionally wrong about what he’s pushing. He’s also a self-righteous hypocrite and a jerk who shockingly made fun of vaccine-injured kids (though he ginned up plenty of sympathy for his own sick child).

9. Antifa: Under the false guise of ‘battling fascism’ the idiot Leftists who identify with this movement have beaten people, destroyed public and private property, and may even be responsible for the derailment of trains. In fact, this group is so despicable even the politicized FBI and Department of Homeland Security under Obama designated it a “domestic terrorist” group.

10. University of Michigan ‘social justice warriors’: Everyone responsible for white-shaming at the University of Michigan and any other American college or institution of higher learning who expects Caucasian students to kneel before the altar of political correctness and “apologize” for their “whiteness.” (Related: U of Michigan student ‘activists’ demand ‘No Whites Allowed’ space.)

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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