Left-leaning Boston Globe now publishing hit pieces on the children of Catholic priests

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Image: Left-leaning Boston Globe now publishing hit pieces on the children of Catholic priests

(Natural News) The Boston Globe recently published a collection of cases and anecdotal stories that gave light on the lives of children who were purportedly fathered by Catholic priests.

In the series, the publishing magnate included stories of adults who recounted how their lives changed upon learning their real fathers’ identities. In one of the cases, siblings James and Emily Perry had only known that their biological father was the troubled former priest Rev. James D. Foley when news broke out that the Boston Archdiocese released records of a local priest fathering two children.

“It was astounding how they just moved him around and shuffled him back and forth and didn’t really address the situation — even after they found out about the tragedy of my mom’s death. I honestly believe she went to him for counseling. You couple her loss of a first-born child and the secrecy of carrying on this long-term affair, no wonder she had mental health struggles,” James Perry told the Boston Globe online.

According to James Perry, they subsequently requested for a paternity test, which then proved that Foley was indeed their father. The two said they have kept their father’s secret until his death.

In another case, Peter Murphy remembered how the identity of his biological father had become the center of an international church scandal. According to Murphy, 25 years ago, The Irish Times revealed that his real father was the then-popular bishop Eamonn Casey.

News broke out like wildfire, which shook the Irish Catholic Church as the world sensationalized the bishop’s affair with Murphy’s mother. Like the Perry siblings, Murphy stated that he was already at peace with Casey who passed away in March this year. (Related: Boston Globe goes full cuckoo, publishes 100% fake newspaper edition to try to destroy vaccine critic Donald Trump with hoax headlines parading as truth-to-be.)


Catholic League denounces Boston Globe series

In response, Catholic League president Bill Donohue has denounced Boston Globe‘s Spotlight team, dismissing that the series was another attack on the Catholic priesthood.

“Using a few highly publicized cases, and several anecdotal stories, reporter Michael Rezendes concludes that by “any reasonable measure, there are thousands” of children around the world “who have strong evidence that they are the sons and daughters of Catholic priests.” Yet as he acknowledges, with over 400,000 priests worldwide, even if the unsubstantiated “thousands” estimate is accepted, that could amount to as little as one percent or less of priests having fathered a child. So the question arises: Is the phenomenon of priests fathering children, then neglecting or abandoning them—while clearly sinful and morally wrong—so singularly egregious as to warrant such an exclusive exposé?,” Donohue told the Christian News Wire online.

Donohue also said the team’s apparent focus was spent on a small minority of Catholic priests around the world who have fathered and neglected their children, than on an ongoing epidemic that has rendered one-third of American children fatherless.

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