Scientists reveal a zombie outbreak could wipe out humanity in 100 days: Here’s how to survive if it happens

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Image: Scientists reveal a zombie outbreak could wipe out humanity in 100 days: Here’s how to survive if it happens

(Natural News) The path to becoming a zombie is diverse. According to the Daily Mail, zombism is scientifically categorized as a “Conscious Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder, or CDHD.” This is “an acquired syndrome” with the hallmark of not having control over one’s actions. declares humans become zombies from rats bitten by ticks “infected with the human zombian virus (HZV).” While not a classic zombie searching for brains to eat, some folks may become information deficit zombies because they watch too much CNN.

Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, believes zombies are created by the “human Solanum virus,” which travels to the brain and inhibits oxygen flow. When the Center for Disease Control (CDC) began their campaign of preparing for a zombie apocalypse,  they claimed the zombie analogy was merely used to spark conversations about preparedness. But physics students in UK’s Leicester University take a zombie apocalypse seriously. They mathematically determined that a zombie virus could quickly turn into a world wide pandemic. Within 100 days of an outbreak, they say, only “100 survivors “would be left uninfected.” (RELATED: Stay up to date on survival and preparedness at

There are ways to survive, according to UK neuroscientists. Since zombies don’t feel pain, they advise you not to fight, just run or keep very quiet. On the other hand, zombies have damage in their posterior parietal cortex, so they “can’t concentrate” and are easily distracted. Fireworks can force their attention elsewhere. Don’t try to reason with a hungry, angry zombie. They won’t understand. If there’s no way out, you can always pretend you are one of them and “wander through the herd undetected.”


As with all survival situations, there are standard supplies for your “get up and go” bag. UK Space Agency Researcher and Professor Eric Dartnell believes these essentials include “a fire-starting kit, water bottle, small knife, rope and food.” Warm clothing, seeds, self defense gear, a first aid kit, water purifying device and any medications are also important. Dartnell also believes that the mentality of survival, regardless of the what kind, should morph from survival to rebuilding:

“Rather than duck and cover, the country needs to know how to stand and recover from any disaster.”

Making and repairing tools, growing and storing food, starting engines, creating fuels, fashioning soap, filtering water and building alternative energy systems are just a few of the many skills that would be essential in a “post-apocalyptic” society. Read more about civilization collapse warnings and survival strategies at





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