How mainstream media gets away with distributing propaganda masquerading as legitimate journalism

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Image: How mainstream media gets away with distributing propaganda masquerading as legitimate journalism

(Natural News) The free press is supposed to protect the people from the political class, but these days it seems they operate in a manner meant to protect the political class from public scrutiny. The mainstream media betrays their purpose while undermining democracy. Power for the elite and corrupt is gained through the mainstream media, by eliminating skepticism and not holding politicians accountable for their lies. (RELATED: Read more news about propaganda schemes at

The mainstream media is an enemy to America, complicit in undermining our republic. The free press should serve as a check and balance against political corruption at the highest levels of government; they should be asking tough questions that will make politicians uncomfortable. The mainstream media essentially takes on the role of public relations rather than real journalism. They have been in cahoots with the Obama administration by excusing his agenda and refusing to hold him accountable. Obamacare promises were merely calculated lies used to impose a tax on the American people.

There are still reporters who do real investigations and ask tough questions, but not in the mainstream media. You will not see the mainstream media exposing the truth about corruption in Washington; only the independent media serves that function these days. Take WikiLeaks for example: they expose information that the government doesn’t want released. The independent media are the only real sources of free press who are willing to take risks and challenge the status quo.

The mainstream media is all out theatrics at its best, acting as the regime’s network of puppets. They are engaged in systematically dismantling America one issue at a time. The mainstream media attacks opposition to government corruption, the independent media, honest candidates and history. The ideas of unbiased journalism and objective reporting have long since been abandoned by the mainstream media, who feed us a constant stream of disinformation that ignores what we need to know, and only highlights what they want us to believe. It’s not news – it’s a tool used to serve corporate and government interests. (See coverage of fake news hoaxes at


There are plenty of personalities in the independent media who express their diverse beliefs, but they are subject to censorship from internet gatekeepers like Google, Facebook and Twitter. The censorship shuts down opposing views to the state controlled media’s false narratives, allowing them to manipulate the minds of Americans. Journalists and reporters working for the mainstream all report what they are told, according to the memo or teleprompter, sometimes even word for word across each outlet.

The independent media is still a valid tool for information where journalists still ask questions and provide a different perspective on things. You should never believe any of the scripts from the sold-out mainstream – they have been ordered to forget their role as journalists.

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