Sales of survival food and prepping supplies crash as wave of optimism follows Trump’s election victory

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Image: Sales of survival food and prepping supplies crash as wave of optimism follows Trump’s election victory

(Natural News) Despite the continued protestations of a few snowflakes on college campuses and some Democratic lawmakers, optimism in the United States has soared since Donald J. Trump became the president-elect.

Wall Street has responded positively, with the Dow climbing towards 20,000 and the U.S. dollar rising to its highest level in years. Overall “optimism,” as measured by CNBC in a regular post-election survey, is higher now than it has been in years (and possibly ever). In fact, the only people who don’t think good things are in store for the country now that a billionaire businessman is set to take over the White House are Democrats, according to the survey.

Yes, things are certainly looking up, America – which helps explain why sales of prepping gear and emergency food have tanked since the Nov. 8 election.

So much good has happened since Trump won – it can’t end, right?

As noted by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog, “It is like a nuclear bomb went off in the prepping community.”

Snyder says he is in regular contact with many in the business of selling emergency food and prepping gear, and he can report with confidence that the so-called bottom has fallen out of the market since Trump’s surprise win. In addition, he says, firms that help people relocate outside the United States have similarly seen their business “dry up.”

“Not since the election of Ronald Reagan has the mood on the right shifted in such a positive direction so suddenly,” he writes (and that is true, as yours truly, who was around for all eight years of Reagan’s presidency, can attest).


Seeing so many people suddenly turn positive and abandon any notion that bad times lie ahead has surprised Snyder, but he understands why it has happened:

— The Dow is up; the dollar is up;

— Trump has managed to convince air conditioner manufacturer Carrier to keep most of the 2,000 jobs which it had planned to move to Mexico at its Indianapolis plant;

— U.S. Steel has announced it may reinstate 10,000 jobs in the next few years in the U.S.;

— Trump was just named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

And so on.

All of this and more has combined to convince the vast majority of Americans that good times are indeed ahead, and that Trump – even if he only accomplishes half of what he wants to do – will usher in an era of opportunity and economic growth that may be unprecedented. Even talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh is already entertaining that possibility.

But, what if none of it comes to fruition? Without being a Danny Downer, I would like you to ponder this for a moment, if you will.

Dark forces are at work to subvert, undermine or deny a Trump presidency

Trump has won the presidency by gaining enough votes to win the Electoral College … supposedly. Even as I write this, there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes to rob him of his EC victory by convincing, conniving or threatening Republican electors to change their ballot. Some have already announced that they will do so. If they succeed, Trump will be denied his 270-vote margin of victory when the electors meet to cast their ballots Dec. 19, and the election will go to the House, where Republicans there may – or may not – choose him. What if they don’t?

Also, as we have noted, there are reports that Left-wing “revolutionaries” are planning to take over the U.S. Capitol building or otherwise disrupt Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20.

And, as Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has posited, there may be plans to allow Trump to take office and then crash the global economy, leaving him with the blame for it all.

Would chaos ensue from any of these events (or a combination thereof)? Of course it would – which is why Snyder and Adams are warning against anyone letting their guard down.

“The legitimate fears of global nuclear war under a President Clinton have been replaced by vibrant optimism under President Trump,” Adams said. “But the next big wave of preparedness will come when the financial collapse begins to accelerate as globalists attempt to destroy the Trump administration in 2017.

“The risk for Americans now is not nuclear war with Russia, but a collapse of debt, banking and money, leading to widespread food scarcity and social chaos,” he added.


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