Muslim caught setting fire to his own mosque in Texas, pleads guilty

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Image: Muslim caught setting fire to his own mosque in Texas, pleads guilty

(Natural News) Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Muslim who attended the Savoy Masjid Mosque in Houston, Texas, recently pleaded guilty to setting the mosque ablaze last December. He is being charged with felony arson and has been sentenced to four years in prison, which seems extremely minor when you consider the fact that he was facing 99 years to life for the crime.

Lana Shadwick of Breitbart reports, “The fire investigator who interviewed Moore looked at surveillance video from another location and positively identified the man leaving the mosque as the same person he spoke to at the scene of the fire on December 25. On December 28, another investigator showed Saleem Memon, a member of the mosque for eleven years, a surveillance photo of the man leaving the mosque. He positively identified the man as Gary Nathaniel Moore.”

So why would Moore set fire to the mosque he attended every single day, up to five times per day, for over five years? The obvious answer is that he was trying to create a false narrative about anti-Islamic terrorism. Given the fact that the Regressive Left has been pushing the idea that Muslims are never terrorists, always victims and are far more likely to be victims of terrorism than the ones committing it, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Radicalization comes in all forms. While there is radical Islam in the traditional sense, there are also radical Muslims who want to cause harm to the western way of life in a way that doesn’t rely on common forms of terrorism. These people should be taken just as seriously as those who are trying to shoot up malls and stab people on college campuses. Dismissing them as being anything less puts a lot of innocent people in a dangerous situation. It is incredibly irresponsible.

Despite all of the evidence here, which completely proves that Moore is responsible for the attack, the leftists of the world are sure to avoid blaming any of this on radical Islamic extremism. No matter what, they just cannot bring themselves to admit that there are evil people within the religion that are willing to do anything in order to push their agenda.

These kinds of hoaxes and attempted hoaxes have gotten so common in recent years that it’s difficult to take anything as the gospel truth until there are dozens of sources to back up the claims. This is something that we should all keep in mind moving forward, for the next time a suspicious tragedy occurs…



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