Trump allowed Black homeless woman to live in Trump Tower for 8 years, rent free

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Image: Trump allowed Black homeless woman to live in Trump Tower for 8 years, rent free

(Natural News) Donald Trump allegedly invited a homeless black woman to stay at Trump Tower after she was found squatting in the building. Although the story is still unconfirmed, this is just one of many instances where Trump has helped the less fortunate regardless of race or gender. The mainstream media are usually busy portraying Trump as a racist, bigot, or chauvinist. But Trump boasts a long and documented history of helping out — because it’s the right thing to do.

The homeless black woman reveals that, for eight years, she has been living in the Trump Tower for free. She says that she originally trespassed her way in before squatting in an empty room for the night. Police arrived the next day to address the situation. She was told she must leave the premises — or she would be subject to arrest.

“When I told them I would not go, they contacted Mr. Trump over the phone and he came down here. Instead of evicting me off the property, he said that I can stay and it’s been eight years I’ve been here,” she revealed. “Not only did he not evict me off the property, he made sure that I ate three meals a day by room service and that I get a delivery of fresh flowers every week.”

The woman goes on to express a great displeasure with the way the media portrays Trump as a bad person. She insists that if it weren’t for Trump’s generosity she would be homeless, in the streets, and most likely dead. The woman was never asked to pay a dime throughout the duration of her stay at the tower. “Donald Trump is not a bad guy, he’s a wonderful wonderful man, and everything I’m telling you today is true,” she concludes.

Trump treated his female employees very well

Trump’s female employees believe he is a champion of women as well as the less fortunate. Many of those who worked closely with trump say he was far ahead of his time for providing career advancement for women. Trump’s companies have promoted women in otherwise male-dominated industries, granting them entry into a new playing field.

Trump often told the female employees he worked with that he values women who can stand their ground in both legal battles, and on construction sites. Barbara Res was in charge of the Trump Tower’s 1980 construction. She recalls Trump telling the female employees that “men are better than women, but a good woman is better than 10 good men.”


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