Media falsely spinning Trump climate comments

Image: Media falsely spinning Trump climate comments

(Natural News) The much-maligned and mistrusted ‘mainstream media’ continues to distort and lie about everything President-elect Donald J. Trump says, as part of a multi-pronged, coordinated effort to undermine his administration from Day 1 and strip away his support.

The New York Times is, of course, one of the leading media outlets in this effort, as evidenced by its ‘reporting’ of the conversation that took place between Trump and several of the paper’s editors, columinists and reporters.

Not surprisingly, the issue of “climate change” – a sad and cruel hoax started by the Left and spread via its academic, media and pop culture organs to control the masses – came up during Trump’s powwow with the Times. And of course, the paper’s description of what was (and was not) said was completely wrong, as were the accounts of the rest of the misfit band of establishment news media.

As reported by Climate Depot, which tracks and documents the global warming/climate change hoax, “the media spin” on Trump’s sit-down with the Times Nov. 22 “can only be described as dishonest.”

Headlines like this – Trump Appears to Soften Stance on Climate Change and Donald Trump Backflips on Climate Change – were common.

Inaccurate and harmful reporting

But it was nothing short of the kind of “fake news” that the establishment media ridiculously claims was planted by the Russians and spread by its propaganda organs in the alternative media (like us). The fact is, Trump has not somehow changed his “global warming” views and that was clearly evident in reviewing the full transcript of his meeting with the Times.

Other observers agreed. Joe Bast, president of the Heartland Institute, which also tracks the issue, found the Times’ reporting not simply inaccurate but intentionally harmful.

“This is reassuring,” he wrote, as cited by Climate Depot. “The Left wants to drive wedges between Trump and his base by spinning anything he says as ‘retreating from campaign promises.’ But expressing nuance and avoiding confrontation with determined foes who buy ink by the barrel is not retreating.”

The Heartland Institute, by the way, recently released the organization’s skeptical 2015 climate report which featured 4,000 peer-reviewed articles that debunk the United Nations’ IPCC claims.

During his meeting Trump said he thought that perhaps there was “some connectivity” between humans and climate, but that is squarely the view of a climate change skeptic. He explained, “There is some, something. It depends on how much.”

Indeed, this is the same view shared by many prominent scientists also skeptical of the climate change hoax. For example, Professor Emeritus Philip Stott of the University of London has said that the “fundamental point” has always been that changing climate is governing by “hundreds of factors” and variables, meaning the idea that humans can “manage” it predictably through understanding and “manipulating at the margins one politically selected factor (C02) is as misguided as it gets.” He added that such thinking was “scientific nonsense.”

Virtually everything Trump said was mis-reported in a bid to dishearten supporters

Even scientists at the UN climate summit in Marrakech commended Trump for his climate views, praising him for “bringing back science again.”

In addition to what Trump did not say, he did tell the Times’ resident warmist lunatic Thomas Friedman that “a lot of smart people” disagreed with him on the issue. And of further note, Thomas has often expressed his wacky views in an authoritarian political context, like here in 2009.

Also, Trump was spot-on when he said that many prominent scientists are also bailing on the so-called “consensus” that climate change is “settled science.”

Other things Trump said that were not accurately reported – or mentioned at all in the distrusted establishment press:

— The Climategate scandal, in which it was revealed that decades of climate and weather data were faked in order to fit the Left’s narrative that the world is getting warmer (it’s actually getting cooler overall, with arctic ice expanding);

— Trump refused to take Times owner Arthur Sulzberger’s bait that we’re having worse storms now than we ever have by responding, “We’ve always had storms, Arthur.”

Read the full transcript here.


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