Good call, Trump: It’s time America recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation (and rejected the bullying of communist China)

Image: Good call, Trump: It’s time America recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation (and rejected the bullying of communist China)

(Natural News) Keep reading if you want to know the real story about Trump, Taiwan and communist China. While mainstream media outlets are losing their minds over the fact that Taiwan president Tsai Ying-Wen called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his election victory, the simple, irrefutable fact is that mainstream media reporters are not only intentionally dishonest, they are incredibly ignorant of geopolitical reality.

As someone who lived in Taiwan, speaks Mandarin Chinese and traveled throughout Asia, I can tell you a few key truths that the rest of the media doesn’t know (or won’t admit).

Let’s start with the basics: Communist China is a bigoted, intolerant, radical leftist communist regime that can best be described as being run by “libtards with nukes.” The Red China government routinely arrests people for their religious beliefs and harvests their organs for black market profits. The best way to imagine China is to think about where California is right now with mandatory vaccines, political correctness and “safe space” colleges, then fast forward about 25 years and add in a layer of massive industrial pollution. That’s China. It’s deeply corrupt, hopelessly polluted and run by completely insane radical leftists who bully the entire world with their insane demands.

Taiwan, on the other hand, is a nation of free markets, entrepreneurship, innovation and democracy. Taiwan might be viewed as “the Texas of Asia,” except it’s a whole lot smaller than Texas, and citizens can’t own firearms. The Taiwan people are amazingly intelligent, resilient and determined. They’re also honest and hardworking, and anyone who deals with imported goods from Asia knows that Taiwan manufacturers have far higher quality and ethics than China manufacturers.

Communist China ridiculously claims it still owns Taiwan

Now here’s the real piece you need to know in all this: Ever since Chiang Kai-shek split off from the mainland and set up his own sovereign government in Taiwan (back in the 1940’s), communist China has claimed it “owns” Taiwan. The communists have done everything in their power to prevent Taiwan from being recognized as a sovereign nation by world government bodies such as the UN. Even to this day, the UN still does not recognize Taiwan as an independent nation, even though it has its own government, its own culture, its own language, its own president, its own economy and so on.

The United States Previously recognized Taiwan as a nation, but that changed under President Nixon, who dropped Taiwan to embrace communist China as the “official” ruler of all China, including Taiwan. (This was the first selling out of Taiwan by the United States.)

Ever since then, all U.S. presidents have refused to recognize Taiwan because they didn’t want to anger China, the largest purchaser of U.S. Treasury debt. In order for the U.S. government to keep running massive debt spending, they needed foreign suckers (er, I mean “governments”) to keep buying U.S. debt while the Federal Reserve continued printing more fiat currency money to fund its increasingly power-hungry growth of big government. On top of that, China is also obviously a huge trading partner with the United States, and it supplies U.S. consumers with cheap plastic crap sold at WalMart, helping to convince the dumbed-down, fluoridated masses that life must be okay since they can still buy non-stick cookware for $4.99.

All the while, U.S. leaders (who were of course complete sellouts to the globalists) looked the other way on China’s extreme human rights abuses in order to maintain “economic stability.” None of the U.S. Presidents since the 1970’s have dared even accept a phone call from Taiwan, purely out of fear of angering China, the communist bully nation run by libtards with nukes.

As all this was happening, China was of course constantly threatening to stage a military invasion of Taiwan. This stance continues to this very day.

Taiwan’s economy is now deeply intertwined with China’s factories and cheap labor

But things have now become more complicated on the economic side. Taiwan manufacturing businesses, in search of ever cheaper labor, began opening factories in China. This involved a massive shift of manufacturing technology to China, essentially handing over technology in exchange for cheap labor. Today, tens of thousands of Taiwan business people live in China (or visit China frequently) to oversee “Taiwan” factories that are actually offshored to China for their cheap labor and practically non-existent environmental regulations.

As all this is going on, China is routinely and deceptively manipulating its currency in order to create an artificial advantage in exporting products to other nations. This currency manipulation makes a mockery of “free trade,” and when combined with China’s utter lack of environmental regulations, it gives China a wildly unfair advantage in international trade. President-elect Trump correctly identified China’s currency manipulation as an enemy of legitimate free trade, and this is why Trump will very likely (and correctly) initiate a trade war with China. Yes, it’s time to start slapping tariffs on imported goods from China. The smirking neoliberal economists who taught you in college that “tariffs are always bad” are totally clueless about geopolitical reality.

China pushing false climate change narrative to give themselves a trade advantage

To further leverage their export advantage, China is pushing hard for Trump to maintain America’s “climate change taxes” so that energy production in the USA is financially penalized. Meanwhile, China is releasing extreme pollution from “dirty coal” that’s cheap to produce, making Chinese manufacturing very cheap compared to USA production due to energy costs associated with all manufacturing.

And yet, China’s pollution blows right across North America, depositing mercury, cadmium, tungsten and other toxic heavy metals all across the U.S. landscape. In other words, U.S. consumers get cheap goods from China while exporting U.S. manufacturing jobs but importing pollution from China. What a deal! The result is a nation of unemployed Americans living on food stamps and voting for Democrats to bail them out with more government entitlements… in other words, a Clinton paradise.

“Climate change,” you see, is just another economic hoax being leveraged by China to suppress U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. It’s all completely bogus, founded in quack science and dirty politics. Yet Obama kept it all going for the obvious reason that one of his primary goals from day one was to destroy U.S. economic productivity (while also destroying American culture, sovereignty and democracy).

Globalists are now aligned with China to spread communism and crush freedom in Taiwan and the USA

The globalists are all colluding to destroy America, suppress Taiwan and take over the world: Communist China, Barack Obama, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates… these people see freedom and sovereignty of nations like Taiwan and the USA as threats to the globalist agenda (of total economic domination and obedience enslavement of the world population).

Trump, like Taiwan, is a threat to the globalist agenda. That’s why Taiwan’s media has recently been taken over by globalists who print all the same fake news you hear on CNN and NPR. Taiwan’s recent election of Tsai Ying-Wen was almost exactly the same sort of anti-establishment uprising we experienced in America with the election of Donald Trump.

Just like the Democrats in America are all left-wing commie-loving globalist f##ktards, the “KMT” party in Taiwan is exactly the same thing. But Taiwan’s new president, Tsai Ying-Wen, represents the “DPP” party, which is all about Taiwan independence and sovereignty. In fact, the first thing China did after she won the election was to threaten Taiwan with a military invasion.

In other words, the election uprising we just saw with Trump in the USA already took place a few months ago with Thai Ying-Wen in Taiwan. It’s a global phenomenon, too: consider BREXIT and the upcoming elections in France and Italy. Everywhere you look, the people are rejecting the corrupt, globalist political elites.

It’s also important to note that Taiwan lived under Japanese occupation during World War II. People still alive today in Taiwan suffered mass starvation, brutal rapes and a military police state under the Japanese emperor. They know what it’s like to live as slaves under a brutal dictatorship, and they aren’t going to let that happen again.

That’s why Taiwan is defiant against Chinese rule. It’s also why Donald Trump should recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. The people of Taiwan deserve our support as freedom-loving Americans.

Globalists hope you never learn the truth about Taiwan and China

The reason the Wall Street Journal won’t tell you any of this is because WSJ writers work for the same globalist manipulators who are trying to enslave humanity and rule the world with fraudulent currency and electronic totalitarianism.

Now you know why the corrupt, globalist-run mainstream media is condemning Trump for accepting a simple phone call from the President of Taiwan.

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