Colorado’s marijuana is yielding higher THC percentages than ever before

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Image: Colorado’s marijuana is yielding higher THC percentages than ever before

(Natural News) Due to the fact that recreational marijuana use was recently legalized across the state, Colorado has been in the news a lot over the past year. To many folks, the state is seen as a beacon of light in a country that is becoming less and less free by the day. To others, it is seen as a hotbed of sin of evil. Regardless of which side you currently sit, your position is likely to grow stronger as Colorado’s marijuana is yielding higher percentages of THC than ever before.

For those unfamiliar with marijuana — either medical or recreational — THC is what elevates your senses and gets you “high.” The more THC in a particular strain of marijuana, the higher the user gets off of it. So Colorado’s new strains of cannabis are more potent than ever, which goes to show that there is still hope for freedom in America.

Ana Cabrera of CNN reports, “Proponents expressed concerns about the effects of THC on adolescent brains, among other health and safety issues. But their effort to set a THC-limit failed to get enough support. Marijuana industry insiders say setting a limit could fuel the black market.” By allowing marijuana distributors to heighten levels of THC, the government is actively avoiding the serious issues that could arise by people searching for a high on the black market.

Sometimes even the government realizes when they’re making a huge mistake and tries to correct it, it seems.

Despite the fact that the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians in their pocket have gone to great lengths to attack cannabis in every form, the popularity of CBD oil continues to rise, as does that of hemp and medical marijuana. No matter how hard Big Pharma tries to hide the truth, the American people have gotten wise to the fact that we are being lied to. No longer will they be able to peddle their designer drugs to us.

Natural alternatives are always the best route to take and the public at large has finally caught onto this truth. The reason the powers that be are trying so hard to keep marijuana illegal all over the United States is because they know we are finally coming around to accepting cannabis on a cultural scale. There’s only so long you can hide the truth. Even though it has taken the average American far too long to accept it — we’re finally getting there.

Things are finally changing for the better.



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