Why marijuana continually gets overlooked as a healthy alternative

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Image: Why marijuana continually gets overlooked as a healthy alternative

(Natural News) When you look at America today, one of the most ridiculous things about our society is the fact that marijuana is illegal. This is saying quite a lot considering there are a number of ridiculous things about our present circumstances — from our current election to the evil clowns stalking small towns throughout the nation — and yet the criminalization of a plan that cures numerous health issues is genuinely one of the most absurd aspects of American life.

And yes, cannabis has been proven to cure countless health problems. Hemp is also known to help support good health; for example, it can help support a healthy inflammatory response. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has even teamed up with Native Hemp Solutions to help provide you with a trustworthy hemp product. These hemp extracts have their CBD levels tested and verified at CWC Labs — Adams’ very own independent, ISO-certified lab. When buying a hemp extract, you want to know what you’re buying is authentic.

While hemp has also been scrutinized by the government, nothing can really match the prohibition of marijuana; it’s quite a sad state that we are in.

In a recent interview with Dave Davies on NPR’s Fresh Air, author John Hudak broke down exactly how we have reached this point when it comes to marijuana criminalization and demonization. The interview is a fascinating and insightful one that exposes the dark truth when it comes to marijuana — and what the powers that be don’t want the American people to know.

Of recreational cannabis use, Hudak stated, “One significant argument in favor of adult use marijuana that not many people talk about is a simple one, and that is some people just like to get high … I think in this policy debate, oftentimes seeing marijuana as a recreational product, it is frowned upon to discuss it, but it’s a reality. People enjoy it like people enjoy wine or people enjoy a good steak.”


See, the puppet masters not only don’t want us to know that marijuana is a health alternative to the chemical products peddled by the pharmaceutical companies, they also want us to believe that smoking a single joint will cause our lives to be ruined as if it were heroin or crystal meth. They want us to think that the drugs they are pushing are superior in every way to the solutions that grow naturally on clean land. Somehow they have brainwashed the masses into believing this garbage.

The only way that we can truly combat the lies that the federal government is spreading is by using our voices to replace their falsehoods with undeniable truths. The American people can and will wake up — we just need to give them a little push every now and then. When we look back in history, the inevitable legalization of marijuana will surely be considered one of our greatest — and most overdue — achievements.

Time is ticking. It’s time to get the ball rolling.






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