Former DEA deputy admits Congress helps fuel opioid crisis, protects Big Pharma

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Image: Former DEA deputy admits Congress helps fuel opioid crisis, protects Big Pharma

(Natural News) Of all of the corrupt organizations involved with the United States federal government, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may be the most corrupt of all, as their lies lead to millions of people being incarcerated for completely ridiculous reasons. Anyone who spends any amount of time looking into the organization is sure to come to the realization that there is no actual reason for them to exist.

The entire War on Drugs has been such a colossal failure that it is embarrassing to look back on. And if there is no War on Drugs then there is no reason for the government to continue funding the DEA. Nothing proves this more often than the fact that corruption seems to follow them around at all times. One of the more obvious things to keep an eye out for in regards to the DEA’s twisted nature is their connection to the pharmaceutical industry. The same pharmaceutical industry that profits heavily off of the criminalization of cannabis.

Chris McGreal of The Guardian reports, “Joseph Rannazzisi, head of the DEA office responsible for preventing prescription medicine abuse until last year, said drug companies and their lobbyists have a ‘stranglehold’ on Congress to protect a $9bn a year trade in opioid painkillers claiming the lives of nearly 19,000 people a year.” Rannazzisi also said that Big Pharma “engineered recent legislation limiting the DEA’s powers to act against pharmacies endangering lives by dispensing disproportionately large numbers of opioids.”

Rannazzisi is just the latest person who was once involved with the federal government to come out in an attempt to prove how they are trying to keep America oppressed by infringing on our freedoms. The only reason that the DEA is so intent on keeping cannabis and other natural alternatives to their chemical opiods illegal is because they know that Big Pharma — which helps fund the federal government — stands to gain billions as a result.

The DEA — and every other corrupt section of the federal government — need to be abolished before they destroy us all. Our tax dollars go to fund their ridiculous schemes which imprison innocent people under the guise that they are protecting us from the “dangers” of “drugs” like marijuana. What we really need right now is personal liberty, which will never come as long as the federal government continues to control everything that we do.

The pharmaceutical industry shouldn’t get to decide what we put inside of our bodies. That should be up to us as individuals.



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