The DEA is accepting public opinions and stories on the benefits of kratom

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Image: The DEA is accepting public opinions and stories on the benefits of kratom

(Natural News) When you take a look at the federal government organizations that should be eradicated completely, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has to be at the top of the list. Existing for the sole purpose of putting nonviolent people behind bars and pushing Big Pharma drugs instead of healthy, natural alternatives, any substantial research into the DEA is sure to lead to complete and total hatred of the organization. Unfortunately, that hatred will likely only grow in the future.

Shockingly, however, the DEA is now accepting public opinions and testimonials on the benefits of using kratom, which implies that they may back off on their attempts at criminalizing the herbal stimulant. It was reported that the DEA was planning on labeling kratom as a Schedule I drug, meaning that it would be considered the most dangerous of all the drugs recognized by the DEA.

By asking for public opinion, the DEA is showing just how corrupt they are. One day they’re claiming that kratom is one of the most dangerous substances on the planet and the next they’re claiming that it may not be harmful at all. This is nothing new for the worthless group, though.

David Kelly of the Los Angeles Times reports, “The leafy botanical, related to coffee, has been used throughout Southeast Asia for centuries to treat ailments including anxiety, chronic pain and drug addiction. It has become increasingly popular in the U.S. in the wake of an opioid drug crisis that is killing close to 20,000 people a year.” For anyone that cares about health-related issues in the United States, the rise of kratom is a wonderful, inspiring story. Seeing people reject harmful drugs for a natural alternative is enough to bring a tear to your eye — and still the DEA was trying to halt it from happening.

Hopefully this is just the first step in a new trend of the DEA ending their corrupt business practices. Their existence is frustrating in its own right, but the fact that they have been actively setting natural health supporters back year after year makes them an enemy of progress. As the support for kratom has grown, it has been made clear that people are finally rejecting Big Pharma and opening their eyes up to the truth.

For a freer and healthier America, we need widespread legalization on the natural health alternatives that both the DEA and the pharmaceutical companies have been rejecting for decades.



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