Hospital quarantined after 5 people suffer mysterious hallucinations – illness spread by touch

Image: Hospital quarantined after 5 people suffer mysterious hallucinations – illness spread by touch

(Natural News) Halloween is on the horizon and the world just continues to get scarier and scarier — but not for the fun and enjoyable reasons that the holiday is known for. No, things are getting scary for all the wrong reasons. Between the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton presidency, the creepy clowns trying to lure people into the woods all across the southeast and the increasing amounts of radical Islamic terrorism all over the world, the planet has become a scary place. Now health concerns are making it even scarier.

A hospital emergency room in Oregon has been quarantined after a mysterious disease caused five people to hallucinate — and like something out of a horror movie, it spread through physical touch. It all began after a 54-year-old caregiver was admitted to the hospital after claiming to have symptoms associated with hallucinations. Shortly thereafter, four people who had been in physical contact with the caregiver began experiencing the same symptoms.

Fiona MacDonald of Science Alert reports, “A HazMat team was deployed to both the hospital and the caregiver’s residence, while the emergency room was emptied and quarantined to check for the source of the unidentified illness. Experts have so far been unable to locate a common source of contamination. Blood tests of the affected patients also haven’t turned up anything unusual.”

The case has baffled the medical professionals that have analyzed it. They are claiming that they see nothing out of the ordinary aside from the obvious hallucinations. That is definitely the scariest part of all of this, because now you have to wonder if this is all a setup. Very rarely do new diseases just pop up without warning. What isn’t so rare is global crises, which seem to happen every other week in this day and age. From the increasing worldwide terrorism to the general evilness of the world today, there is no denying that people out there want to cause us all despair.

It is truly horrific that these types of events are still occurring, but thanks to the corruption of Big Pharma, it’s often difficult to tell if health problems are a result of the medications many people take in order to stay healthy. It’s a sad and frightening irony that never seems to improve because the corporations control the media outlets that should be exposing these truths.

Welcome to 2016 America, where you can randomly start hallucinating and medical “professionals” have no answers for you.



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